Introducing the Nuraphone - a self-learning headphone that learns and adapts to your hearing.

Built to deliver the most immersive experience of the music you love, at its core the Nuraphone is a self-learning engine that automatically measures your hearing by monitoring otoacoustic emissions – no need to take a “can you hear this?” test. Nuraphones use this information to adapt the sound of the headphones to perfectly match your hearing and bring your music into sharp focus.

The Nuraphone can store up to three individual profiles, so you can share and compare. Perfect for checking your track mixes across various hearing profiles.

The revolutionary architecture called the inova delivers bass you can feel, while maintaining crystal-clear detail. It works by splitting the melodic sounds to an in-ear speaker, and low-tones to an over-ear driver that delivers the bass through your skin.

Fans of the Nuraphone include Stevie Wonder, Pos (De La Soul) and Six60.

Winner of CES Best of Innovation Award, Red Dot's Best of the Best Award, Good Design Award 2018 and SXSW Best of Innovation Award 2019.

To apply for a special discount of 20% off exclusively for APRA members, enter nura.apra at checkout on the Nura website. This offer ends Jan 1st 2020.

“We can't fault the nuraphones for isolation and sound quality” – FUTURE MUSIC

“The custom hearing profile is like having your own personal audio engineer make an EQ just for you.” – WIRED

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