Need a decent recording studio on your iPhone or iPad? Need MIDI and Audio recording in the same application? Fancy Audio to MIDI conversion for converting your voice into instruments? SongCatcher could well be what you’ve been chasing.

SongCatcher is the first fully functional recording studio environment on the iPhone platform, designed around capturing creativity at the moment of inspiration. It’s the first app to feature both Audio and MIDI recording, making it a terrific sketchpad for songwriters. SongCatcher comes with two interfaces, which are tailored specifically for professional musicians, and enthusiastic amateurs. What’s more, the app is developed and designed by Sydney based singer/songwriter, John Vella.

APRA AMCOS and SongCatcher have teamed up to give APRA AMCOS music creators and customers exclusive advanced info as to when SongCatcher sale periods on iTunes are coming up, so you can get in there and save some money on this great new product. All you have to do is have a look here:

Check out a SongCatcher demo here.

Grab a copy here

Features include:

  • 10 layers of recording, including 5 layers of Audio and 5 layers of MIDI.
  • Audio to MIDI conversion
  • Audio recording through either built-in microphone or external input
  • Resizable keyboard.
  • 10 virtual instruments, more available.
  • MIDI editor.
  • MIDI exporting
  • Mixing and Panning
  • Ability to bounce mixes and re-import.
  • Tempo track with optional click.
  • Line-in supported. (via iRig or similar)
  • Export mixes in various formats to email.

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