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STAFF PICKS is a playlist of the best new and new-ish Australian and NZ music curated by one APRA AMCOS staff member each fortnight.

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It's our 14th iteration of STAFF PICKS and this week we've enlisted the help of Steve Mathieson, Licensing Representative for OneMusic NZ.

Get to know Steve a bit better below, while you listen to his top picks.


Describe your role at APRA AMCOS in one sentence:
Music licensing. I do the bespoke licenses like : music on hold, music in the workplace, places of worship, sporting codes, bus and coach and community bands and choirs.

What is your favourite song on your playlist and why?
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever ‘Mainland.’ That album is so good, it reminded me that guitar music can be really good when the lyrics are good and super obvious rock tropes are avoided.

What’s the last gig you went to?
I went to Laneway this year. I got a free ticket to review for Undertheradar.co.nz and struggled to write an allocated review about some DJs. I prefered the line up last year, but alas, it was fun. Highlights were Jon Hopkins and Bene. Also, Courtney Barnett won me over, I wasn’t really a fan until I saw her live.

What’s the first gig you went to?
My first gig was Blur at the North Shore Events Centre. It was kind of a special gig, as my mate I went to the gig with died when I was 17.  Blur always remind me of him - sorry to be bleak!

My favourite music memory is…
Supporting The Pixies with my old band. My favourite non-narcissistic memory would be seeing Gorillaz play in 2010 with Paul Simonon (the Clash) playing bass without a bass strap and the whole thing was a spectacle.

Final thought
Music is good.

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