2019 Art Music Fund recipients have been announced!

In recognition of the limited opportunities for art music composers to have their works performed, APRA AMCOS has initiated the Art Music Fund. A total pool of A$100,000 per annum is on offer to provide funding for composers to create commissioned work that is complemented by an exploitation program.

The Art Music Fund exists to commission new work that is innovative, displays professional compositional craft and represents a benchmark of excellence in its field. These works must have committed partners to ensure the work is presented multiple times with the intention to create a long artistic life for the work and by extension, its composer.

The Art Music Fund is assessed by an external panel of musicians. With an aim to represent a complete view of the industry, we are particularly aware of ensuring the panel of experts includes diverse voices across culture, gender, geography, generation, and genre. 

This fund supports a wide range of music styles including: notated composition; electroacoustic music; improvised music (including innovative, original jazz); sound art; installation soundmultimedia, web and film sound and music; and theatrical, operatic and choreographed music.

All applicants will be asked to explain how their arts practice aligns with the qualities identified in the Art Music Fund (innovation, compositional craft, and excellence), regardless of style. 

It is expected that composers will collaborate with ensembles, orchestras, producers, recording companies, broadcasters, festivals and other parties to propose the writing of a work that will be guaranteed multiple exposures by way of performances, recordings, broadcasts or digital dissemination.

Please note: The Art Music Fund is not intended to support popular and rock music, especially of commercial importance, nor folk and traditional music.

Please direct all queries to: 
Cameron Lam, APRA AMCOS Art Music Specialist: clam@apra.com.au
General queries to: 1800 642 634
2019 applications are now closed.

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