How much can I apply for?

The value of grants provided by the Art Music Fund will vary depending on applications, and you may apply for any amount of funding. However as a general rule, grants between A$10,000 and A$30,000 will be awarded. The total pool of funding available across all grants is A$100,000.

The Art Music Fund is not intended to fund an entire project. It is intended to cover the cost of commissioning the work, thus reducing the overall project cost and providing certainty to composers.

Applications that incorporate the involvement of other funding sources, both cash and in-kind, will be viewed positively by the selection panel. In your application budget, you must clearly identify these sources and which expenses their funding will cover.

What expenses will the Art Music Fund cover?

Only expenses directly related to the creation of the proposed work will be considered eligible for the Art Music Fund. 

Examples of expenses the Fund WILL cover include:

  • Commission fee for composers
  • Acquisition of source recordings
  • Devising fee for musical co-creators
  • Materials or technologies required for installations

Examples of expenses the Fund WILL NOT cover include:

  • Airfares
  • Consultation fees
  • Studio/Live recording costs
  • Performance fees
  • Marketing or promotional expenses

If you feel an expense is essential to the creation of your work, please include this in your funding application and explain why it is an essential expense for your arts practice.

If you have any further questions regarding eligibility of expenses please contact Cameron Lam, APRA AMCOS Art Music Specialist:

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