Licensee Disputes

If you do not agree with how we apply licences to your business, with our fees, or with any of our services, you can refer the matter to our independent dispute resolution process. Disputes may relate to the terms of the licence, whether a licence is required at all, or how much music is being played on your premises.

Visit the independent dispute resolution process website for all resolution pathways.

The resolution pathways are designed to assist parties to resolve disputes or to ensure an independent determination of issues where appropriate. The pathways are available for disputes involving music creators, APRA AMCOS, and/or music customers. 

The resolution pathways provide: 

· An independent, trained resolution facilitator to match the pathway and the problem. 

· A pool of skilled, trained resolvers. 

For more information, follow the above link to the resolution pathways website. Alternatively you can contact the independent Resolution Facilitator, Shirli Kirschner, directly: | 0411 380 380

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