1. Thirteen Awards are conferred.

  1. Best Music for an Advertisement
  2. Best Music for a Documentary
  3. Best Music for a Short Film
  4. Best Original Song Composed for a Feature Film, Telemovie, TV Series or Mini-Series
  5. Best Soundtrack Album
  6. Best Music for Children's Television
  7. Best Music for a Television Series or Serial
  8. Best Television Theme
  9. Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie
  10. Feature Film Score of the Year
  11. Most Performed Screen Composer - Australia
  12. Most Performed Screen Composer - Overseas

A special Award is given at the discretion of the APRA Board of Directors

  1. Special Recognition Award

2. The Award is in the form of a trophy suitably inscribed.

  1. The work must have been written by an Australian Citizen or Resident composer.
  2. The work must be an original score.
  3. The work must have at least a 50% composer interest by an APRA Member
  4. The work must have been for a production which has received its first public screening, broadcast or release in the relevant 12 month period (1st July - 30th June in any given year) for which the award is made
  5. The eligibility period for Feature Film Score of the Year, requires that the production must have received its first public screening, broadcast or commercial release in the relevant 15 month period (1st July - 30th September) for which the award is made. 

Note: If a viewing copy of an eligible film is not available for submission due to restrictions placed upon it's non-commercial release, then it may be entered in the feature film category the following year.

  1. Mini-Series or Telemovie entries shall be limited to a production that tells one single story in a limited number of episodes, usually fewer than a whole season (whole season - 10-13 episodes). TV Series or Serial entries will refer to a connected set of program episodes (whole season) that runs under the same title, possibly spanning many seasons.
  2. The jury reserves the right to nominate any entry into another category if it deems that category more suitable. Not every category will necessarily be awarded if, for example, there is no suitable entry in a category.

  1. Nominations can be entered by the composer, their employer, the production company or a third party i.e. Director or Publisher.
  2. There is a maximum of three entries permitted in any one category. However, any individual composer can only receive a maximum of two nominations in any one category.
  3. Nominations within the categories of Most Performed Screen Composer - Australia and Most Performed Screen Composer- Overseas are determined by performance activity only.
  4. Nominations in the visual categories must be submitted as an mp4 or mov file and accompanied by a detailed cue sheet with time codes. Exceptions to this ruling are for the Soundtrack Album, Short Film, Television Theme and the Advertising categories, where it is not necessary to provide music cue sheets.
  5. In the case of any television series or Documentaries and Mini-series with more than one episode, composers are to choose one episode only for submission into any one category.
  6. All Short Films submitted should be limited to 45 minutes duration.
  7. All Advertisements submitted should be limited to 3 minutes duration.
  8. The category for Original Song does not include advertisements, jingles, promos or station IDs.
  9. All feature length submissions for Documentary must be submitted in the Best Music for Documentary Category. These will not be accepted in Feature Film Score of the Year.
  10. Categories can include both factual and fiction entries.

  1. Nominations will be assessed based on their compositional craft, creativity, originality and excellence.
  2. Nominations within the categories of Most Performed Screen Composer - Australia and Most Performed Screen Composer- Overseas will be assessed based on performance activity as reflected by earnings, according to APRA's records.

  1. Awards will be decided by judging panels from nominations submitted
  2. Judges must be financial members of the AGSC or APRA members
  3. A judging panel may not include any member who is a subject of a nomination. Should such a situation arise, either the nomination must be withdrawn or the member must be replaced.
  4. There will be five (5) to eight (8) judges per category. Judges will receive material to review individually before making final decisions via a conference call.
  5. Judging panels will consist of composers across Australia and each will be appointed a chairperson.
  6. Decisions reached by the judging panels are final and no discussion regarding the result shall be entered into once the process is complete. If the panel is unable to reach a final decision the chairperson will have a second casting vote.
  7. Judging panels may reserve the right not to make an award in a category where there is not an outstanding achievement.
  8. Judging panels may reserve the right to alter the category for which a nomination has been received, if another category is deemed more appropriate.
  9. For the categories of Most Performed Screen Composer - Australia and Most Performed Screen Composer- Overseas no judging panel is required as APRA collates its rankings, in conjunction with the work's performance activity, to determine the final nominees. The APRA board has final endorsement.
  10. The Special Recognition Award encompasses outstanding contribution to the Film and Television industry, including, but not limited to producers/directors, philanthropists, educators, music supervisors and event producers that provide promotion, opportunities and education for Australian Composers. 


All entrants are required to provide the following items for possible adaptation by the Music Director on the night;

a) An MP3 or M4A recording of the main theme (s)

b) A standard MIDI file of the main theme (s)

c) A lead sheet in PDF format

d) The score on Sibelius (if possible)

Please note our arrangers and orchestrators will adapt your music scores to suit our orchestral line up.

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