Are you an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person and write original music?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

APRA AMCOS set up the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office in 2012 to support songwriters and composers.

Why? Because we recognise how important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and culture is to Australia. We want to make sure it continues well into the future by supporting songwriters and composers like you.

What we do

We’re here to help you get recognition and to make sure you get paid when the music you write is used. We provide career opportunities and ongoing career support to help you reach your full potential as a music maker.

We work on numerous programs with industry organisations, to focus on professional development, education and partnerships with the wider music industry to address issues of:

  • education and training
  • lack of performance opportunities
  • physical distance of remote communities
  • lack of economic return

Call Leah Flanagan or Donna Woods to join up

National Manager Leah Flanagan (based in Darwin) or National Representative Donna Woods (based in Brisbane) make up the team of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Office. They are available to answer your questions, give you advice and help you make the most of your APRA AMCOS membership. Call Leah or Donna on 1800 642 634 or email

Here’s why you should become a member

We can help you make money from your music. It’s free to sign up and once you do, we can:

  • Give businesses permission to play your music in public or record it – from radio and TV channels through to cafes and bars.
  • Collect payments from businesses when they use your music.
  • Pay you the royalties you are due when your music is played in public.

Learn new skills, meet other songwriters

When you join APRA AMCOS, you’ll become part of our collective music community of more than 100,000 songwriters and composers.

We run networking and industry events to educate and connect you. Our staff can give you expert advice to guide your career. And we are run competitions and opportunities to support emerging talent. Keep an eye on our calendar for details.

Discounts and deals just for you

Once you’re a member, you can access exclusive offers and discounts on everything from studio time to cheap accommodation. Check out what’s on offer now.

Our Commitment

We understand the value and importance of maintaining Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We acknowledge the inextricable link between music, culture and the land. We appreciate the value of music and culture in strengthening community well-being and developing a broader understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

APRA AMCOS is committed to:

  • listening and responding to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music creators
  • helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music creators join APRA AMCOS, register their works and log their performances
  • understanding the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music and culture
  • respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture

Have you heard about the PPCA?

While APRA AMCOS looks after the copyright in songs and compositions, the PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited) administer the copyright in sound recordings. So if you own the rights to your master recordings or you are an artist that records other people’s songs, you should become a member of the PPCA – you may be entitled to royalties from them as well.

To find out more, visit the PPCA website. You can also call their helpful Distribution Team on (02) 8569-1133 or email them here: If you want them to call you, just send an email and they'll set up a time to speak with you.

Make sure you are getting all the income you are entitled to. If you write songs, you should join APRA AMCOS. If you record songs, you should join the PPCA. If you do both, you should join both organisations.


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