Frequently asked questions about music publishing:

I just joined as an APRA AMCOS writer member, do I need to join as a publisher member as well?
In most cases this is not required. You should only join as a publisher member if you are intending to administer, promote and commercially exploit the work of other writers. In-depth industry knowledge and experience will be expected as well as legal songwriter contracts in place.

Do I really need to become a publisher member?
Only if you represent other writers’ catalogues do you need to become a publisher member. If you are a songwriter who only represents your own catalogue you
should, however, make sure you’ve joined both APRA and, if you are unpublished, AMCOS as a writer member.

I’m an APRA writer member should I join AMCOS?
It depends! If you have a signed agreement with a music publisher, it is not necessary to join AMCOS as any mechanical royalty distributions from us are paid to you by your publisher, subject to your publishing agreement. However, if you are unpublished and your music is commercially available (e.g. CDs, digital downloads) it may be generating mechanical royalties. To collect these royalties, you can join AMCOS and we will pay you any relevant royalties directly.

I was told overseas that I need to form a publishing company to collect my mechanical royalties. Is this true?
While in some countries forming a publishing company is necessary to collect your mechanical royalties, this is not required in Australia. If you simply represent your own catalogue, then you can market, promote and exploit it without needing to form a publishing company.

I am operating a record label, do I need to apply for publisher membership?APRA and AMCOS publisher membership is not open to record labels, so your business needs to also be operating as a music publisher in order to be eligible for membership. If not already, you may like the business to join Australian Independent Record Labels Association (AIR) and you should also visit PPCA’s website to see if you are eligible to become a member.


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