Find out how a music licence will help your business’ bottom line and meet your copyright obligations.

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Benefits of using music

Music is the universal language of mankind - Henry Longfellow (poet).

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Find out how your business or event can meet their copyright obligations and ensure songwriters and composers are paid fairly for their music. 

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Where does
your money go?

For every dollar we collect, about 87 cents is returned to music creators.
Find out how your licence supports Australian music.

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High quality and cost effective solution for music use in productions. Over 800,000 tracks across all styles and genres available.

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Ngaiire on the art of collaboration

01 Jul 2016

We talk to the PDA recipient about working with Paul Mac, Megan Washington and Jack Grace on her new album Blastoma

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2016 Art Music Awards head to Melbourne

30 Jun 2016

Gabriella Smart to curate, Jonathan Biggins to host the August event.

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AirIt offer for ATSI members

27 Jun 2016

Community radio has helped artists like Emily Wurramara build audiences.

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Tips of the trade: Performance Reports

23 Jun 2016

With Performance Reports (new LPRs) due on 31 July, we offer some handy tips for navigating the new system.

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VIC - Good Music Neighbours

A Creative Victoria matched funding opportunity for live music venues to access support to manage their sound attenuation needs
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