The Primal Rhythm of Music

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 1:48 PM

Kat Worth calls herself a community dance artist. Her choreography, directorial, and training work over decades for scores of community cultural performance projects has seen her practice in hospitals, rehabilitation and detention centres, special schools, dance camps, aged care homes, both across Australia and in the USA and UK. Kat is also a talented DJ and now a practitioner of 5Rhythms® dance.

What is 5Rhythms?

Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® is a dynamic movement practice of being in your body that ignites creativity, connection and community. It is a spontaneous and artistic dance that is both deeply personal and deeply universal and is practiced by thousands worldwide.

The 5Rhythms are:

  • Flowing
  • Staccato
  • Chaos
  • Lyrical
  • Stillness

which usually transition over a two hour class, with gentle facilitation from the dance teacher who orchestrates the bespoke playlist for each class.

Dancers in Kat's class at Renaissance Festival

What brings an artistic director (Restless Dance Theatre, Company CHAOS, Boilover, stArts with D), dramaturg (Weave Movement Theatre, Southern Youth Theatre Ensemble, Vitalstatistics Theatre Company) and University lecturer (Northern Rivers Conservatorium Arts Centre, Flinders University Drama Centre) to teaching dance in this way?

“While completing my Bachelor of Arts Dance at University of Adelaide I was introduced to 5Rhythms through Sally Chance of the integrated dance company Restless Dance Theatre. I fell in love with a different way of dancing, with dancing my own dance, free of the boundaries of learning moves and full of life, passion and expression.  I now teach 5Rythms across the south-eastern states as well as performing as a DJ at dance festivals and outdoor events,” said Kat Worth. “I recently performed at Rainbow Serpent, that was an amazing experience. Outdoor festivals have that playful diversity of ages and interests and I’d love to be part of more events like that when the opportunity comes up.”

KatWhat is the connection to music in this dance form?

“I am constantly absorbing sounds from different sources, the radio, online, and my own friendships in the music community who are producing original works. It is amazing to play a song in a class and reflect on the person who made the music,” Kat said.

“I give gratitude to the musicians who create the works I use in class, whether it’s a friend or a track I’ve bought. I can’t do my work without these awesome musicians. It’s a partnership.

“I play lyrical and non-lyrical works to create the soundscape for each dance journey.. I usually prepare around 12 hours of music for a 2 hour class, a mix of genres depending on the class theme. The playlist is really intuitive and selected in the moment to reflect the class participants and what is needed in that moment, I plan more specifically when I am Djing (Bass and Trap sounds) but my sets still take people on a journey.

Tell us a memorable dance teaching experience you’d had.

“One of my favourite experiences was running a 5Rhythms workshop at Ross River, about one hour from Alice Springs, dancing under the moon on the red earth The beauty of the land and dancing outdoors was the perfect environment to support a deep dance journey. (Kat will be running this event again in September.) I try and bring that experience of dancing in connection with the earth into my classes in suburban Adelaide and Melbourne, whenever I can,” Said Kat.

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