Everything you need to know about music licensing when hosting your Eisteddfod

APRA AMCOS, PPCA and ARIA (Music Licensors) have conducted a detailed review of the Eisteddfod Licensing Scheme which commenced in 2017.

The aim of the 2017 Eisteddfod Licensing Scheme, which was developed following consultation with the industry, was to provide a one-stop shop where all four music rights (public performance of the musical work, public performance of the sound recording, reproduction of the musical work and reproduction of the sound recording) could be secured under one licence. The scheme ensured that eisteddfod groups could readily comply with their music copyright obligations.    

During the course of the last twelve months, a number of issues were raised by the eisteddfod sector and a number of key stakeholders who hold Dance Competitions. We also now have a full twelve months of data submitted by licence holders, which enabled us to further consider the interests of eisteddfod organisers and participants, and the rights of music creators whose works are being performed.

As a result the Music Licensors will be implementing the following changes to the Eisteddfod Licensing Scheme.

1.         The revised per-entry fees are as follows:


Licence Fees Paid through AESA1 Membership

Licence Fees Paid Directly


























2021 +





2.  The Eisteddfod Licence Scheme will be expanded to include commercial dance competitions, calisthenics and cheerleading competitions where the ticket price to attend or entry fee to enter the competition does not exceed $40 (incl GST).  

3. Eisteddfod or other events covered under the scheme with tickets or per-entry fees over $40 (incl GST) will be licensed according to the relevant event rate of both APRA AMCOS and PPCA and applications for these licences  will need to be made separately to each organisation.

4. The 2017 rates will be frozen for the 2018 year.  Those eisteddfods that operated in 2017 but did not take out a licence, will be invoiced for back fees covering 2017 in addition to their 2018 fee.

5. Regional eisteddfodau will qualify for a fee reduction of 10% per entry from 2018, whether paying through AESA or directly to APRA AMCOS.*

6. Any cross-over between licensing under the existing AMCOS/ARIA Dance School Licence Scheme and the Eisteddfod Licence Scheme has been addressed via the more favourable pricing and phase-in structure outlined above in the short term and then by the proposed OneMusic Dance School Licence Scheme from mid-2019.

7. Where a division of an Eisteddfod or Dance Competition is comprised entirely of public domain music, entries for the division can be excluded from the licence fee calculation.  This further concession has been given despite the fact that the eisteddfod rates were originally set to take account of the mix of copyright and public domain uses of music.

*A Regional based eisteddfod is defined as an eisteddfod that is located within the inner regional, outer regional, remote or very remote areas of Australia as defined by the Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Areas Map (apraamcos.com.au/remoteareamap).

1 Association of Eisteddfod Societies of Australia.

2 Some rights may be not be held by the Music Licensors and clearance will need to be secured directly with copyright owners.


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