Please note changes to the licensing of Dramatic Context which came into effect 1 January 2018.

Music is the foundation of a concert performance and plays a key part of other events including festivals and comedy shows.

We have different agreements for different types of events - you will need the right licence for your particular sort of event. We have made this process easy. Just complete the event application, enter the relevant details and one of our representatives will be in touch.

Event promoters are responsible for obtaining a licence before the event.

The following phase in rates apply for Event Promoters, Special Purpose Featured Music & Catered Entertainment Events:

Events Performed in the period Fee
(Inc. GST)
2018 & beyond 2.2% of gross admission fees

How much does it cost? 

Licence Type

Event Type

Headline Rate (incl GST)

Event Promoters

For events featuring a headline act, support acts, or a series of music performers where admission fees are charged. This licence may apply to a single event or a tour, or to a festival that is not eligible for the Festival licence.

2.2% of gross admission fees (less credit card charges and ticket booking fees), subject to a minimum fee of $82.50.


For Festivals that:

  1. occur on at least one full day (being no less than 8 hours advertised duration);
  2. at an outdoor place requiring a stage to be erected or a performance area to be created specifically for the event; and
  3. is advertised as a festival, in which the staging of the event and all associated advertising is not dependant on any one or two headline acts; and
  4. includes at least six acts.

1.65% of gross admission fees (less credit card charges and ticket booking fees) Festival, subject to a minimum fee of $82.50

Music Performances with no admission fee

For performances where music is performed where there is no admission fee such as a performance in a park.

2.2% of gross expenditure on live artist performers, subject to a minimum fee of $82.50

Special Purpose Featured Music

For events where music is featured, but not the primary focus of the performance such as comedy shows, exhibitions and fashion parades.

2.2% of gross admission fees (less credit card charges and ticket booking fees) pro-rated by the music use percentage over the event's duration, subject to a minimum fee of $82.50.

Catered Entertainment

For events where music is played and where the ticket price includes food and beverage costs.

2.2% of gross admission fees (less credit card charges and ticket booking fees) less deduction capped at 40% of gross catering expenses for food and beverages, subject to a minimum fee of $82.50.

Film Festival

For performances of music included in the soundtrack of the films, and includes background music played for the duration of the film festival, but does not include performances of live artists and DJ's.

0.462% of gross box office receipts, subject to a minimum fee of $69.49

Casual Public Performances

For performances of live artists or recorded music that do not fit any event types described above. Works performed at political events are excluded, unless the songwriter's prior approval has been obtained in writing.

Fees range from $82.50, subject to music use and size of the event

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