As an essential part of your fitness centre or business, music helps to keep your members working out, feeling better and looking great.

APRA AMCOS and Fitness Australia have been in discussion over the last six months and have now agreed on a small number of changes to APRA AMCOS’ licence scheme for fitness clients. The changes are designed to better reflect the evolving needs of the fitness and wellbeing industry. 

The new fitness centre and instructors licence covers fitness centres, and fitness and wellbeing instructors who operate in locations other than a fitness centre.

Read more about the new fitness centres and instructors licence

licence info guide

How much does it cost?

Background music used in your centre or at your business location on any device including music systems, radio, TVs, tablets, CDs and cardio machines (annual licence fee)

$0.88 per member of your fitness centre with a minimum fee of $206.13

Music in fitness classes  from any source, including pre-choreographed group classes as per the fitness class index 

 (annual licence fee)

Tariff A: $2.74 per class


Tariff B: $1.65 per class for classes with 10 or less people AND $3.83 per class for each class with more than 10 people

NOTE: You must choose either Tariff A or Tariff B at the start of your licence year. The tariff you choose will apply for the whole year.

Virtual fitness classes

$0.1177 per member of your fitness centre with a minimum fee of $58.90.

Music on devices for use in your fitness centre or at your business location

Up to 500 tracks


Up to 1,000 tracks


Music on devices for music on hold 

1-5 phone lines


Music on hold for your telephones
(annual licence fee)

1-5 phone lines


More than five external phone lines or 1000 tracks? Please contact us at the phone number or email below.

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