The halls and function centres licence was the first licence APRA AMCOS issued in 1926. To this day, this licence scheme continues to ensure legal use of copyright music for thousands of halls and function centres: both those who hire out to third party hirers and those who stage music events themselves.

Functions Licence

This licence allows halls and function centres to open up their premises for hirers to bring in live or recorded music to entertain the community. The licence fee is pegged to the number of people your venue caters to (in increments of 100 or part thereof) and how many third party functions you hold each year. Music performed at any event that occurs as a result of hiring a Hall or Function Centre is licensable as a public performance.


A function centre has a capacity of 280 people (rounded up to nearest one hundred = 300), and expects to host 40 third party functions (see 1, below) over the year.  The licence fee is $3.61 per hundred people 3 x $3.61 x 40 functions per annum = $433.20. Rates effective: 1 December 2017 to 30 November 2018.  


  1. If your venue holds a Live Artist Performance Licence EXCLUDE any functions in the calculations above where you have already supplied the Gross Expenditure details to APRA AMCOS under this scheme.
  2. The halls and functions licence scheme excludes hiring the venue to an event promoter to hold an event where music is performed.
  3. The scheme also excludes hiring the venue to concert promoter to host a concert where admission fees are charged.
  4. The licence scheme excludes a function where the Gross Expenditure on a Live Artist Performance exceeds $2,500 or where the function is held or organised by the venue itself. To discuss licensing options that best suit your needs in these circumstances, contact us directly.
  5. There is no need to advise APRA AMCOS of functions where there is no music.

Other music events in halls and function centres

For any other use of music that occurs outside of third party functions, additional licences may be required – speak to us on 1300 852 388 to find out more.

Licence info guide

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