Music in restaurants and cafés creates atmosphere and helps shape a premises' style, which encourages customers to stay longer and spend more.

Our Restaurant and Café Licence scheme offers a variety of bundled options to cater for the various ways in which restaurants and cafés use music.

Bundled options include background music, live, featured recorded music, karaoke and website use, and - in a first for APRA AMCOS - business owners will receive a complimentary licence for one night's performance of live music.

Read more about how our Restaurants and Cafés scheme was developed.

Licence Info Guide

How much does it cost? 

Background music used in your premises and/or website

Price (inc GST)

A) Music on your website ONLY


B) Background music in your restaurant/café


C) Background music in your restaurant/café + on your website


- If you take out option B or C above, we will provide you with a complimentary licence for one night’s performance of live music. If it works for you, and you want to use live music more often, just let us know and we’ll adjust your invoice accordingly.

- If your background music is provided by a background music supplier you may be eligible for a reduced background music licence fee.

Live performers including DJs and/or karaoke

Price  (inc GST)

A) Featured music performance ONLY (up to 12 nights per annum)

(+$11.75/night in excess)

B) Background music + featured music performance (up to 12 nights per annum) 

(+$11.75/night in excess)

C) Background music + featured music performance (up to 12 nights per annum) + music on your website

(+$11.75/night in excess)

Unlimited music options

Price (inc GST)

Background music + music on your website + unlimited annual featured music performances


I use live performers or DJs where the admission price is $20 or more

Price (inc GST)

A) Premium featured music performance

2.2% of total amount paid by patrons (gross sums paid for admission) for premium featured music performances

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