Music is an essential part of the shopping experience. It encourages customers to stay longer, spend more and keeps them satisfied. 

Our licence allows you to legally play music at your premises as background music (from any source) and as music on hold and to copy music for both those purposes.

If you have other music uses such as live performances or DJs in your store, extra tariffs may apply - contact us to find out more. We also have a licence for music use in your head office or corporate offices.

licence info guide

How much does it cost?   

Background music from any device (annual licence fee)

 Floor space in square metresUp to 
150- 499m2500- 999m2  1,000- 1,999m2 2,000- 4,999m2 +1000m2


One device - radio or TV








One device including:

CD or DVD player

PC, tablet or MP3 player

background music service

OR digital music service








Two to four devices and/or a multi-channel device
 of up to four streams and/or a jukebox








5 or more devices and/or multi-channel device of 5 or more streams and/or jukebox







Copying music for playback on tablets, smartphones, CD players (annual licence fee)

Up to 500 tracks


Up to 1,000 tracks


Every additional 500 tracks


 Music on hold for your telephone system (annual licence fee)

1-5 phone lines

(plus $40.44 if you copy music for use as music on hold)

6-10 phone lines

(plus $63.85 if you copy music for use as music on hold)

11-25 phone lines

(plus $110.66 if you copy music for use as music on hold)

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