Entertainment is at the heart of the cruise ship experience and plays a vital role in passenger enjoyment aboard aircraft, coaches, buses and ferries.

Our licences allow you to use music from any legal source to make sure your passengers have a pleasurable journey.

These transport licences allow you to legally play music on your plane, ship, or coach, bus and ferry.

How much does it cost?


This licence allows you to play recorded and live music

  • as takeoff and landing music
  • as in-flight entertainment, including movie soundtracks
  • in the airline’s business lounges.

$0.093 per international passenger and
$0.0092 per domestic passenger

We will consider weighting our Airline tariff in certain circumstances, for example when a plane uses take-off and landing music but has no in-flight entertainment.

Cruise Ships and Marine Vessels

This single-fee comprehensive licence covers live artists, karaoke, nightclubs, jukeboxes and public performances of background music from radios, players and televisions.  

Annual fee - $132.43 per cabin per vessel.

If you represent a cruise ship company flagged in the Marshall Islands, please contact us to discuss your licence arrangements.

Download application form

Coaches, Buses and Ferries

This licence allows you to play music as Background Music (from any source) and make copies for that use.

Background music in your vehicle or vessel on any device (annual licence fee)


Floor space in square metres

Up to

150- 499m2


One device - radio or TV




One device including:

CD or DVD player

PC, tablet or MP3 player

background music service

OR digital music service




Two to four devices and/or a multi-channel device of up to four streams and/or a jukebox



Copying music for playback on tablets, smartphones, CD players (annual licence fee)

Up to 500 tracks


Up to 1,000 tracks


Every additional 500 tracks


Download application form for these music uses.

Your company’s head office may need separate licences for music use in the workplace.

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