Music at Work: Minette's Vintage

Tuesday, 16 Sep 2014

Certain songs take APRA AMCOS licensee Amy Truslove back to her childhood, dancing in the kitchen while her grandma taught her old-fashioned dances like the Charleston. Now as the owner of Minette’s Vintage in Richmond her love of music is combined with her other love, vintage fashion.

Walk into her store and you are instantly engrossed by all things vintage. Fashion, accessories, knick-knacks and collector items take up every available inch of space. It’s the sort of store where you could lose yourself for a long trip of nostalgia and that’s exactly how Amy wants it to be. The music she plays in the store is a key part of this approach and helps create her intended atmosphere.

“It’s not a run-in, run-out store,” Amy explains.  “The music helps people relax and puts them in a happy place. The music compliments the stock and layout, customers can wander and have a decent browse.”

Amy intentionally aims to style the music on a daily basis. A lot of the time PBS (Melbourne Community Radio) will be playing a diverse range of old-time and vintage music but Tuesday and Friday is vinyl day. One of the most prominent items of the store is the record player. It’s a 1970’s wood-paneled machine with a traditional oval-shaped top where the speakers sit. It creates a genuine vintage atmosphere.

“The customers love it. They’re amazed it still works and how good the records sound,” she says with obvious affection for the old machine.

Amy is aware the value music adds to her business and believes it’s very important the royalties go back to the creators through an APRA AMCOS licence. “Absolutely. How else are they going to get money to do what they do? It’s incredibly difficult for them to get the money together to do their first pressing of an album. They’re doing everything they can to produce their music.”

For Amy, the music relationship is bringing new business opportunities, with members of Melbourne Swing Dancing Society becoming regulars of her store. “They come to buy their dresses, now I’m hoping to run some stalls at their next event. I’d like to get some swing dancers in here for our special occasions.”

For Amy and her store Minette’s Vintage the relationship between music and business continues to grow. 

Visit Minette’s Vintage at 374 Burnley Street, Richmond, Melbourne.

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