New Fitness Licence Scheme

Thursday, 12 Mar 2015

APRA AMCOS and Fitness Australia have been in discussion over the last six months and have now agreed on a small number of changes to APRA AMCOS’ licence scheme for fitness clients. The changes are designed to better reflect the evolving needs of the fitness industry.New 

The new licence scheme now includes a specific reference to fitness instructors who use music in locations other than traditional fitness centres – for example, boot camps that take place in the park or on the beach. 

It will also see new technologies in the fitness industry, such as virtual fitness classes, covered under the one licence agreement. 

A minimum annual licence fee of $192.50 (including GST) has been introduced for the use of background music. The new minimum tariff will only impact those Fitness Centres & Instructors who are paying licence fees less than this amount for background music with a licence anniversary date of 01 August 2014 onwards.

All new Fitness Centre and Instructor licences now issued by APRA AMCOS will include these new terms.

Director of Public Performance Licensing Jennifer Gome said these changes are a result of APRA AMCOS’ commitment to adapting to technological changes, whilst ensuring the work of music creators is valued appropriately. 

The changes to the Fitness Centre and Instructor Licence scheme means our customers can use music through a simple and easy-to-understand licence. Having a strong working relationship with Fitness Australia means we’ve been able to deliver highly relevant changes to this licence scheme.

Lauretta Stace, CEO of Fitness Australia

We’ve collaborated with APRA AMCOS in an open process that has allowed us to develop fair licence terms on behalf of our members.

For more information and the licence tariffs visit the Fitness Centre licence page.

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