APRA and AMCOS Board Elections Results

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2015


On the eve of its 90th year, 2016, APRA AMCOS held two Annual General Meetings in Sydney today, and announced detailed voting results for APRA Board and AMCOS Board appointments.

The nominations marked a watershed year for the membership organisation with a record 20 members vying for two APRA Writer Director roles, of whom five were female.

Amanda Brown was welcomed for the first time to the 12-member APRA Board as an incoming Writer Director with 23.95 per cent of the vote. A classically-trained musician, songwriter, composer and former member of the Go-Betweens, Amanda has been an APRA AMCOS member since 1991 and winner of Screen Music Awards. Garnering 43.96 per cent of votes, incumbent Chris Neal (TV and film composer) filled the second Writer Director vacancy.

Publisher Directors Ian James (Mushroom Music, with a 49.69 per cent share) and Philip Walker (Origin Music Publishing on 45.97 per cent share) dominated the balance of votes to be successfully re-elected. 

“This represents a new wave of member engagement,” said Brett Cottle, AM, Chief Executive, APRA AMCOS, “We are working on a more diversified representation across the organisation, so the addition of a second woman joining Jenny Morris is great news. Recently we've introduced eight new female songwriters to our Ambassador program and the broad diversity of the finalist list for the 2015 Professional Development Awards indicate the increasing growth in female representation.”

Ms Jenny Morris OAM, Chair of the APRA Board, acknowledged the 30-year contribution of departing APRA Board member, Mike Perjanik, "
Mike has been a wonderfully wise and calm leader and it is with huge amounts of gratitude that I take over his steady ship."

At the APRA Board meeting immediately following the AGM, Jenny Morris and Ian James were both respectively returned as Chair and Deputy Chair of the APRA Board. 


  1. Jenny Morris OAM, Writer Director (Chair)
  2. Ian James, Mushroom Music (Deputy Chair)
  3. Bob Aird, Universal Music Publishing
  4. David Albert, J. Albert & Son
  5. Amanda Brown, Writer Director (new to the Board)
  6. Matthew Capper, Warner/Chappell Music Australia
  7. Brendan Gallagher, Writer Director
  8. Don McGlashan, Writer Director 
  9. Chris Neal, Writer Director (re-elected)
  10. Damien Trotter, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  11. Philip Walker, Origin Music Group (re-elected)
  12. Nigel Westlake, Writer Director 

Outgoing: Mike Perjanik, Writer Director

Nominations in the APRA Writer election were received from Nerida Tyson-Chew and Paul Brandoli, Jesse Lubitz, Josh Pyke, Mark Duffy, Johanna Pigott, Lior Attar, Eric McCusker, Jesse Hooper, Gary McDonald, Richard Moffat, Bruce Rowland, Greg Williams, John Collins, Troy Zarb, Sherry Rich, Ric Stern and Maree White.

Additional nominations in the APRA Publisher election were received from Jaime Gough and Fred Woods (Red Igloo International) who were not elected to the Board.

The four vacancies on the 12-member AMCOS Board were filled by first-time Board-elect Jaime Gough (of independent label Native Tongue Music Publishing, who achieved 24.29 per cent of votes) alongside returning Directors Ian James (24.46 per cent), Stephen McPherson (Hillsong Publishing, with 24.27 per cent) and Peter Hebbes (Hebbes Music Group, on 18.06 per cent).

At the AMCOS Board meeting, Mr Ian James was returned as Chair and 
Ms Marianna Annas was elected as the new Deputy Chair of the AMCOS Board.


  1. Ian James, Mushroom Music (Chair)
  2. Marianna Annas, ABC Music Publishing (Deputy Chair)
  3. Bob Aird, Universal Music Publishing
  4. David Albert, J. Albert & Son
  5. Philip Burn, Hal Leonard
  6. Matthew Capper, Warner/Chappell Music Australia
  7. Jaime Gough, Native Tongue Music (new to the Board)
  8. Peter Hebbes, Hebbes Music Group (re-elected)
  9. Steve McPherson, Hillsong Publishing (re-elected)
  10. Simon Moor, Kobalt Music Group
  11. Damien Trotter, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  12. Philip Walker, Origin Music Group

Outgoing: Matthew Donlevy, peermusic

An additional nomination in the AMCOS election was received from New-York-based Mary Megan Peer (peermusic) who was not elected to the AMCOS Board.

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