Client Liaison become Ambassadors

Wednesday, 26 Apr 2017

It seems only natural that Melbourne’s princes of pastel and CEOs of cool, Client Liaison, are the latest members to join our Ambassador program.

Down with both diplomacy and dancing, Monte Morgan and Harvey Miller AO are phenomenal songwriters with a knack for creating truly Australian works. Taking inspiration from the excesses of the 80s, the dancefloors of the 90s and modern electronic pop, their unique approach to music has seen them sell out shows across the country and receive glowing reviews for their debut album Diplomatic Immunity.   

The album, which Tone Deaf gave 9/10 and said was “worth putting on the company card,” features a track the duo wrote at an APRA AMCOS SongHubs camp.

Single Off-White Limousine was written in Victoria with Mr Hudson and Dann Hume, and has since seen Client Liaison become the owners of their very own limo – which will soon be available to hire for formals, weddings and other special occasions.

Luxury wheels aside, the pair also gained new skills and a deeper insight into the craft of songwriting at SongHubs, which challenges writers and producers to write a song in a day.

“It’s a pretty awesome format,” says Monte. “You just push through. You feel it physically, that discomfort when you’re stuck on a song. And usually you just walk away and let go, but with this you have to just push through.”

Client Liaison, who have been APRA AMCOS members since 2009, recall the joy of receiving live performance royalties when they first started gigging.

“It was the biggest bonus of all time,” says Harvey. “When that APRA cheque would come in, it would be the greatest day of your life. It’s as good as a birthday.”

And why do our newest Ambassadors think music creators should join APRA AMCOS?

“It’s a healthy reminder of actually what happens,” says Harvey. “You should be aware of ideas of intellectual property. At the core, you’re making stuff that actually has worth. I didn’t know that at the beginning. What APRA did was teach me that what you do actually has worth, and people should have to pay you for it.”

“It makes you realise that songwriting is really powerful itself,” agrees Monte.

“You get swept up in performing and promoting, but the power lies with the songwriter. And that’s your long-term future as well. When we started working with other people at SongHubs, there were older people who were still producing and songwriting behind the scenes. You can’t perform forever, but you can definitely write forever.”

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