APRA AMCOS staff react to marriage equality

Friday, 08 Dec 2017

APRA AMCOS would like to congratulate all Australians, and our political leaders, on finally achieving marriage equality.

We support diversity in the workforce, and recognise the rights of our LGBTIQ+ employees (and over 95,000 members) to live and work free of prejudice and discrimination, and are proud to have actively campaigned for marriage equality on behalf of our staff since 2012.

In lieu of another corporate statement, we asked our staff what this momentous occasion means to them. Below is a selection of their responses.

ALANA SCHERR, Writer Services Assistant

I have a slight 'crying hangover' today because as a Jewess I have a shared history with the LGBTIQ+ community and every step closer to a world free from discrimination is significant. I personally volunteered for the Yes campaign, knocking on doors and making calls to people all over Australia. It was affirming to be able to expand this conversation to my work place and even our Chief Executive. I still have friends that have to keep their sexuality a secret at work as it goes against their workplace values. Hopefully now that the country has voiced its support of equality other workplaces can do the same!

LOUIS COLLINS, Data Quality Specialist

It’s difficult to put into words what this outcome means. It’s wonderful to know that families in all their forms are now acknowledged as having equal value and merit in the eyes of the law. While that recognition has no impact on the lives of people who could already be married, for the rest, it’s an affirmation of peoples humanity as well as confirmation that all Australians and their families truly have a place in our country and communities.

SCOT MORRIS, Director International Relations 

From São Paolo*. So relieved that it is all done - happy that my relationship is now equal to others - so are my children. Happy also to have worked at a company that recognises the importance of diversity and equality.

*Currently exploring international opportunities for our members in Latin America!

DEAN ORMSTON, Head of Member Services

I think the passing of the ME Bill is a major milestone in Australia’s evolution as a place and society that is open and progressive, and accommodating of diversity. It’s a point in time that I know I will look back on with both a tear and a smile – when Australia made it clear that it’s ok to be LGBTIQ+, and to love whoever you want.

LINDA HALE, Key Accounts Licensing Representative

It always felt desperately unfair to me that I enjoyed a privilege so many of my friends didn’t. I’m overjoyed this legislation has finally set things right.

DAVE NEWINGTON, Account Manager Business & Events Licensing

I was so proud that Australia did this. And there was no other song more fitting than 'We Are Australian' by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton (The Seekers), ringing out in the Parliament's gallery when the bill was passed. Immensely moving!

VICTORIA KELLY, Director of NZ Member Services

I’m so happy that our members and staff are now equally free to celebrate our commitments in whatever way we choose, and marry the people we love.

MICHAEL MILICIC, Society Services Representative - International Relations

As a staff member, I would like to give a big proud heart felt thank you to APRA AMCOS for all the support over the years. Yesterday’s announcement was monumental for me, the LGBTIQ community and Australia. Well done Australia, we finally did it!

ZOE MARTIN, Writer Services Representative

I am so proud to be working for an organisation that supports diversity and equality, and could not be happier that marriage equality is now a reality in this country, reflecting what APRA AMCOS has long hoped for. This means the world to my colleagues and seeing them happy is what it’s all about, especially when for many it has not been an easy road.

CAMERON LAM, Art Music Specialist

I’m glad to be able breathe a sigh of relief today, a breath we’ve been holding in for a long time. It’s been so heartening to work in an inclusive workplace such as APRA AMCOS – to feel safe and supported through the process. Congrats everyone, here’s to 2018’s rainbow weddings!

JAMIE NEWMAN, Business Development - OneMusic New Zealand

I am so proud to work for an organisation that respects and values all people, and I’m so pleased that Australia has joined us (NZ) in recognising the rights of the LGBTIQ communities. LOVE!

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