Board Director Brendan Gallagher elected Vice Chair of the Asia-Pacific Music Alliance

Monday, 06 Feb 2017

APRA Board Director Brendan Gallagher was recently elected Vice Chair of the Asia-Pacific Music Alliance (APMA).

The newly created APMA, which launched at the World Creators Forum in Beijing in November, brings together songwriters from across the Asia-Pacific region. A charter of principles and intentions was signed by creators from 15 countries and territories including Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Creators alliances help artists to unite their voices, understand their rights, develop awareness and guide organisations to protect creators and their works.

On his appointment as Vice Chair, Brendan said, “I look forward to getting, as we say in Australia, a ‘fair shake’ for creative people in one of the fastest growing and most exciting regions on the planet.”

While attending the Music Creators Forum in Beijing, Brendan met legendary songwriter Paul Williams (‘Rainbow Connection’, ‘The Love Boat’, The Carpenters) at a dinner hosted by Music Copyright Society of China at The Great Hall of the People (pictured).

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