Mau Power's top Torres Strait Islander artists

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2017

We’re thrilled to have Patrick Mau, aka Mau Power, on board as our newest Ambassador.

With a proud heritage from the Dhoebaw Clan of the Guda Maluilgal nations (top western Torres Strait region – Dauan Island) and the Argan tribe of the Maluilgal nations (near western Torres Strait region – Badu Island), Mau Power tells important stories through his music.

Mau Power's dynamic performances showcase Torres Strait culture, language and dance fused with lyrical poetry and hip hop influences. He plans to continue to represent his people and culture on a global scale.

“I have been in the music industry for almost 12 years and I have understood that support in this industry is one of the most important things to have, especially if you are an independent business,” says Mau Power.

“APRA AMCOS over the years has been a great support network guiding me and supporting me in my growth. They also work hard to make sure artists get a fair go in this industry by advocating for our rights and opportunities to be career artists.

“What I hope to achieve as an Ambassador is to contribute as an artist though my work to advocate for our rights as artists and support my peers who are just starting out in this industry.”

We asked Mau Power to share some of his top Torres Strait Islander artists to keep an eye on.


Joey is a neo soul/acoustic artist hailing from the Torres Strait. His music flows from the shore of Mer on Murray Island, better known as the home of Eddie Koiki Mabo. His debut album was released in November 2015. This is the story of rising up and believing in yourself.


Chris is a Torres Strait musician/singer/songwriter with heritage from Badu and Boigu Island. Chris has released an EP, is working on his album, and has a music video that will be released this year.


Sk_Boiiz are a group of new generation electro reggae musicians from the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) in the far north. Their influence is island style and new generation reggae/R&B. They have released a number of songs in the Far North Queensland region and have a following up north.

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