It's time to get paid! Performance Reports due by 31 July

Thursday, 22 Jun 2017

Get ready – Songwriters’ Christmas is on its way! It’s time to start submitting Performance Reports so we can pay you for playing live.

As usual, we need you to tell us where, when and what you've played over the last year so that we can pay your share of royalties, and you’ve got until Monday 31 July to get your Reports in. Simple right? Sure, there’s some admin involved, but it’s your money – you’ve earned it and we want to make sure you get it.

Camp Cope’s Sarah Thompson (pictured), who has been an APRA AMCOS member for more than 10 years, says live performance royalties can make a big difference. 

“They help so much!” she says. “I don’t know if it’s just us, but they always seem to come at the perfect time when we are starting to stress about work (or more so not being able to work due to touring). That’s a huge one for us - covering day to day costs when we’re not home to make money for ourselves.”

Thomo, who put her first APRA AMCOS cheque towards the drum kit she still uses, also acknowledges the additional benefits of earning royalties.

“I think it helps to make you feel as though you’re getting somewhere. Often the music industry can feel like a hell of a lot of work for very little reward, so it’s nice to see something physical for the work you put in.” - Sarah Thompson, Camp Cope

And if you’re in a band like Camp Cope, the good news is that you only need to submit one report per performance – this will cover all the writers of a song you’ve performed. To keep things simple, we suggest nominating one member of your band as the person who completes all your Performance Reports. That way you’ll never have double-ups or missed gigs (we hope!).  

If you need more help navigating the Performance Reports system you can:

“Putting in performance reports is like doing tax,” says Thomo. “It can be tedious at the time, but when you get paid and can afford rent and whatever else it is you like to buy, you’ve already forgotten about it. Would recommend.”

Ready to get paid? Just log in to your APRA AMCOS member account and start submitting. You’ve got until 5pm AEST Monday 31 July to get your Reports in for shows between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017. Royalties earned through Performance Reports will be paid in our November 2017 distribution.

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Photo by Matt Warrell

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