APRA Board Director Brendan Gallagher joins Exec Committee of CIAM

Wednesday, 22 Nov 2017

APRA Board Writer Director Brendan Gallagher has been elected to the Executive Committee of the CISAC International Council of Music Authors (CIAM) at its recent annual Congress in Tokyo.

CIAM is the umbrella organisation for a network of regional alliances of composers and songwriters involved in local debates on copyright. The US/Canada branch – Music Creators North America initiated a project called Fair Trade Music, to raise awareness of transparency issues in the digital music value chain and for fair compensation for music creators.  

Renowned Italian composer Lorenzo Ferrero was appointed at the Tokyo meeting as honourary President of CIAM in recognition of his huge contribution to CIAM, both as an executive committee member from 2009 and as the former president from 2011. Lorenzo worked with JASRAC, APRA AMCOS and the Asia Pacific Committee of CISAC to establish the Asia Pacific Music Creators Alliance (APMA) where Brendan Gallagher took up the position of Vice Chair. The new President of CIAM is the Canadian songwriter Eddie Schwartz.

The new executive committee of CIAM is made up of:

  • Jôrg Evers – Composer, Germany
  • Brendan Gallagher – Songwriter, Australia
  • Ivan Garcia Pelayo – Composer, Spain
  • Stan Meissner – Songwriter, Canada
  • Arriën Molema – Songwriter, The Netherlands
  • Jean Marie Moreau – Songwriter, France
  • Tomislav Saban – Composer, Croatia
  • Alex Shapiro – Songwriter, United States

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