APRA Board Elections 2017 - answering frequently asked questions

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2017

With voting for the 2017 APRA Board Directors underway, here's a refresher on the most commonly asked election related questions from our members.

Who is eligible to vote this year?

Australian APRA full writer members may only vote in the Australian Writer Director election. APRA full publisher members may only vote in the Australian Publisher Direction election.

Given there is no vacancy for a New Zealand Writer Director on the APRA Board this year, New Zealand writer members are not eligible to vote in the 2017 elections. (Noting that the New Zealand Writer Director position on the APRA Board is currently held by Malcolm Black, who was elected in 2016 for a three year term).

Full APRA members who did not earn royalties during either of the last two financial years are ineligible to vote.

How many votes does each member have?

Each member who is eligible to vote in the AGM receives one initial vote, plus an additional vote for every $500 earned in one or more distributions over the last financial year. For example, if Member A received $1000 in distributions during the financial year ended 30 June 2017, they would have a total of three votes (one vote for being an eligible member and two additional votes for each complete $500 of royalties received over the preceding financial year).

From time to time we are asked about the voting allocation system. The APRA Board of Directors has addressed the reasoning behind our voting system in this paper.

What if I decide to only vote for one candidate?

APRA Australian full writer members may vote for two Australian writer candidates in the 2017 APRA Board election. if a member chooses to vote for only one Australian writer candidate, they forfeit their vote for a second candidate.

ie: If Member A has 3 votes and only votes for one candidate, that candidate will receive 3 votes and all the other remaining candidates will receive 0 votes.

If Member A has 3 votes and votes for two candidates, those two candidates will each receive 3 votes, and all the other remaining candidates will receive 0 votes.

Eligible members will have received a Notice of Meeting and instructions on how to vote through the secure AGM voting section of the Songwriters & Composers Portal and Publisher Portal on our website.

Voting will close at 5pm on Wednesday 15 November. The results of the elections will be announced at the AGMs on Wednesday 22 November and published on our website.


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