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Tuesday, 14 Nov 2017

Preparing for the worst is not pleasant. There are so many other things you could be doing - the dishes, cleaning out the gutters, filing your live performance reports.

But, in all seriousness, we all hear too often of illness striking an acquaintance or an accident happening to the friend of a friend, and the subsequent financial hardships that make the recovery or grieving process all that much more heart-aching.

Drummer Mick Skelton might be that friend-of-a-friend you heard of in passing. Nice guy, horrible accident. There's much more to it. Please take a couple of minutes to hear Mick tell his story for APRA AMCOS members.

Mick didn't have any kind of insurance to help him while he was recovering from life-threatening injuries. It's not easy for musicians to find financial assistance that's affordable and suits a non-traditional occupation. APRA AMCOS' preferred partner Aon has created a Personal Accident Insurance policy tailored to musicians, with plans starting from less than $75/annually. 

“Nothing like the Aon Muso Support Personal Accident Insurance policy existed previously, and it has been tailored specifically to the needs of musicians and how they making their living. APRA AMCOS aims to provide meaningful benefits to our members, and this is an incredibly important one to bring to the forefront,” said Milly Petriella, APRA AMCOS Director Member Relations.

Public Liability has become the 'green slip' of the music industry, Music Equipment insurance protects something you can put a price tag on, and Personal Accident Insurance is the one that you'll think about when you have the time and funds. If you have a few minutes read more here. If you have incoming live performance funds, maybe it's time to act. 

Find out about AON's offerings, read the policy conditions, give them a call and ask your questions. Enquire about discounts for APRA AMCOS members.  

Please note, Aon’s policies are wholly their own and APRA AMCOS does not financially benefit in any way from acknowledging them as a preferred partner.

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