Women of APRA AMCOS empowered through workplace programs

Kirti Jacobs, Director Human Resources

Monday, 20 Nov 2017

Special guest, Julia Zemiro, showed the BeSpoke Coaches how to bring it all together in the final coach training session

APRA AMCOS is proud to roll-out our BeSpoke Program, designed to help the women at APRA AMCOS develop skills to speak with ease across the organisation and the industries we work in. 

Why BeSpoke? Because APRA AMCOS is invested in great visibility and influence for women in the work we do. BeSpoke is the third initiative arising out of workplace consultations held with APRA AMCOS women in 2016. The other two were Flexibility Arrangements and the Waltzing Matilda Sessions which showcase the achievements of successful women in our industry.  

Our recently announced initiatives to address gender imbalance within our membership grew out of this very real commitment to improving the visibility and influence of women within our own organisation before implementing programs that would impact the wider membership, and the music industry at large.

Using the Male Champions of Change program (introduced by Elizabeth Broderick during her term as Sex Discrimination Commissioner), in 2016 we held a series of internal conversations, led by the Chief Executive and including women from across the organisation, to identify what we could do better.

As an organisation, women make up 52% of our employees, and roughly 50% of management at every level, except the C-suite. APRA AMCOS women told us they wanted to formalise the many informal, flexible arrangements we had in place. So we structured a valued benefits package that supports diversity and flexibility in the workplace, including company paid parental leave, paid partner leave, a return to work bonus and the opportunity to request flexibility arrangements that enable staff to balance their family responsibilities, personal interests and work commitments.

They also told us that they wanted to see, and learn from, female role models. So we introduced the Waltzing Matilda Sessions, a series of keynotes showcasing high-profile women in music, curated by senior female staff members.

Finally, they said they wanted mentoring and training in managing their presence and communicating with impact in the workplace. So we created the BeSpoke Program, an initiative to get women from across the organisation involved in fostering their voice and communication skills, built in collaboration with respected communication skills coach Jo O’Reilly (AGSM and NIDA), who is currently training staff to step into coaching roles.

BeSpoke is structured as a five week program designed to help participants develop skills to speak with ease across this organisation and the industries we work in, and to do so in myriad situations, whether it’s giving a presentation or simply speaking up in a dynamic meeting environment.

BeSpoke Content:

Session 1: Owning the role with presence and impact

Session 2: Navigating authenticity

Session 3: The panel invite

Session 4: Focus and influence

Session 5: Bringing it all together - the BeSpokers presents 

The program will be available to APRA AMCOS women for the next 12 months, and after that, we aim to open the program up to anyone interested in building their public speaking confidence. The first round of programs will be open to Sydney staff only, however it is our plan to open the program to interstate participates in the near future. 

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