10 quick questions with Ambassador Sarah Aarons

Monday, 23 Oct 2017

The newest addition to the APRA AMCOS Ambassador ranks is 23-year-old Sarah Aarons. LA Weekly just named her one of The 20 Hottest Songwriters in Pop Music Right Now thanks to her co-write on the Billboard chart-topping smash Stay by Zedd featuring Alessia Cara, as well as her work on Jessie Ware's new single Alone. Not long after a 2016 SongHubs in Auckland, Sarah re-located to LA where she stays very busy working with an array of artists including Flume, Demi Lovato and Bishop Briggs. Sarah was nominated for a Screen Music Award for her work on the 2016 Rio Olympics promo song. We can't wait to hear what comes next. 

In the meantime, Sarah answered 10 quick questions.

One word that describes me:


I write best when...

I'm on the couch or toilet

My favourite song right now is:

Same Drugs - Chance The Rapper

The piece of gear I couldn’t do without is:

My phone (voice memo/notes)

My writing style is...


Before I was a songwriter, I was...

Studying media communication and nannying

The best lyric I’ve written is:

"stealing cookies from the kitchen"

The future for songwriters is exciting because...

Music is so eclectic right now, anything can be a hit as long as it’s a great song.

Copyright is meaningful to me because...

It means I get to do this as an actual job and don’t have to do night shifts at a McDonald’s drive-through.

I am an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because...

I got signed off the back of one of the APRA AMCOS SongHubs writing camps after being shortlisted in their songwriting competition. They are constantly creating opportunities for individuals such as myself who wish to pursue a career as a writer or producer, and still to this day are so supportive of me.

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