Composers from across the musical map nab Screen Music Awards nominations

Friday, 13 Oct 2017

Finalists include Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko, Briggs, Jed Kurzel, Lisa Gerrard, Daniel Johns, Antony Partos and more!

They compose the scores and write the original songs that set the emotional tone in productions ranging from American blockbuster movies and Australian indie films to television series, short features, documentaries and memorable advertisements, and today APRA AMCOS and the Australian Guild of Screen Composers are excited to unveil the nominees for the 2017 Screen Music Awards. This dynamic group of artists will be recognised for their achievements of the past year at a ceremony at Melbourne Recital Centre on Monday 13 November. 

The 2017 nominees list features a notable number of well-known contemporary musicians who are enjoying success writing music for both the small and large screen.  Missy Higgins, Sarah Blasko, Jed Kurzel, Briggs, Daniel Johns, Josh Abrahams, Dustin Tebbutt, Charlton Hill, Nathan Cavaleri, Kit Warhurst and Roger Mason are in the running alongside renowned screen composers including Lisa Gerrard, Cezary Skubiszewski, Antony Partos, Nerida Tyson-Chew and Matteo Zingales.

Receiving multiple nods are Kurzel, Partos and Elliott Wheeler who lead with three apiece, while Bryony Marks, Skubiszewski, Tyson-Chew, Ash Gibson Greig, Jonathan Bush, Hill, Justin Shave and composers Jay Stewart and Neil Sutherland each have two noms to their credit.  Blasko, as well as co-composers Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks are also recognised twice.

The nominated compositions appear in screen offerings as diverse as Seven Types of Ambiguity, Baz Luhrmann’s The Get Down, Barracuda, Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven, High Life and Australian Survivor and feature films Jasper Jones and Alien: Covenant.

The Screen Music Awards are staged jointly by APRA AMCOS and the AGSC. The event, with 400 film and industry guests attending, celebrates achievements in music composition for documentaries, short films, children’s television, advertising, film and television soundtrack albums, as well as feature films. Comedienne, actor and writer Denise Scott makes her hosting debut for the awards. Joining her is first time Musical Director Jessica Wells who will lead orchestral performances of excerpts of nominated compositions.

APRA AMCOS and the AGSC would like to publicly congratulate all nominees for the 2017 Screen Music Awards.

Feature Film Score of the Year

Title: 2:22
Composed by: James Orr and Lisa Gerrard
Published by: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust)

Title: Alien: Covenant
Composed by: Jed Kurzel
Published by: Sony/ATV/FOX Music obo TCF Music Publishing

Title: Berlin Syndrome
Composed by: Bryony Marks
Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing (Aust) obo Lillipilli IP

Title: Jasper Jones
Composed by: Antony Partos

Best Television Theme

Title: Fox League Super Saturday 
Composed by: Briggs, Charlton Hill and Justin Shave
Published by: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust)

Title: High Life
Composed by: Sarah Blasko
Published by: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust)

Title: Rosehaven
Composed by: Kit Warhurst
Published by: Mushroom Music

Title: Skinford
Composed by: Michael Lira

Best Music for a Television Series or Serial

Title: Australian Survivor 
Composed by: David Barber, Jonathan Bush, Helena Czajka, Charlton Hill and Justin Shave
Published by: Shine Australia

Title: Seven Types of Ambiguity
Composed by: Stephen Rae and Jonathan Wilson

Title: The Code
Composed by: Roger Mason

Title: The Get Down
Composed by: Elliott Wheeler
Published by: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust) obo Twenty Fifteen Avenue Music

Best Music for a Mini-Series or Telemovie

Title: Barracuda
Composed by: Bryony Marks
Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing (Aust) obo Lillipilli IP

Title: High Life 
Composed by: Sarah Blasko
Published by: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust)

Title: Shaun Micallef's Stairway to Heaven
Composed by: Ash Gibson Greig

Best Music for an Advertisement

Title: Good Mood Water: The Bad Choice
Composed by: Lindsay Jehan and Nathan Cavaleri
Published by: Song Zu Publishing

Title: Hennessy: Classivm
Composed by: Josh Abrahams and Davide Carbone 

Title: Swisse: Power Your Passion
Composed by: Matteo Zingales
Published by: Sonar Music

Title: Volkswagen: Tiguan 2017
Composed by: Elliott Wheeler

Best Music for a Documentary

Title: Deep Water: The Real Story
Composed by: Antony Partos
Published by: Sonar Music

Title: Monsieur Mayonnaise
Composed by: Cezary Skubiszewski
Published by: Origin Music Publishing

Title: Mother With A Gun
Composed by: Dale Cornelius
Published by: Native Tongue Music Publishing

Title: Whiteley
Composed by: Ash Gibson Greig 

Best Music for a Short Film

Title: Face
Composed by: Jonathan Bush

Title: Last Tree Standing
Composed by: Me-Lee Hay

Title: Red
Composed by: Tom Schutzinger

Title: Sarah Chong Is Going To Kill Herself
Composed by: Aaron Kenny

Best Soundtrack Album

Title: Alien: Covenant
Composed by: Jed Kurzel
Published by: Sony/ATV/FOX Music obo TCF Music Publishing

Title: Assassin’s Creed
Composed by: Jed Kurzel
Published by: Sony/ATV/NEW Regency obo New Regency Music

Title: Jasper Jones
Composed by: Antony Partos

Title: Monsieur Mayonnaise
Composed by: Deborah Morgan and Cezary Skubiszewski 
Published by: Origin Music Publishing

Best Original Song Composed for the Screen

Title: Atlas in Your Eye from Jasper Jones
Composed by: Dustin Tebbutt

Title: Power from The Get Down
Composed by: Baz Luhrmann*, Donna Missal, Homer Steinweiss* and Elliott Wheeler*
Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing (Aust), Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust) obo Twenty Fifteen Avenue Music and Twenty Fifteen Boulevard Music*

Title: Torchlight from Don’t Tell
Composed by: Missy Higgins

Title: Visible from The Pretend One
Composed by: Hayden Calnin
Published by: Gaga Music

Best Music for Children’s Television

Title: Beat Bugs: When I'm 64
Composed by: Daniel Denholm and Daniel Johns
Published by: Sony/ATV Music Publishing (Aust)      

Title: Bottersnikes & Gumbles: The Ugly Pageant
Composed by: Michael Szumowski
Published by: BMG AM and Cheeky Little Media

Title: Kazoops: Middle of Somewhere 
Composed by: Scott Langley
Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing (Aust) obo Cheeky Little Media

Title: The Deep: Tartaruga
Composed by: Nerida Tyson-Chew
Published by: Red Music Publishing

Most Performed Screen Composer – Australia

Composers: Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks
Composer: Damian De Boos Smith
Composer: Jay Stewart
Composer: Neil Sutherland

Most Performed Screen Composer – Overseas

Composers: Adam Gock and Dinesh Wicks
Composer: Jay Stewart
Composer: Neil Sutherland
Composer: Nerida Tyson-Chew

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