10 quick questions with Ambassador Dallas Frasca

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017

We are pleased to have the inimitable Dallas Frasca join the APRA AMCOS Ambassador program. Dallas fronts the three-piece band of the same name, and is a tireless behind-the-scenes industry champion as well. These days when she is not touring, she is working with indigenous women in remote communities of the Northern Territory to foster musical skills and engagement.

Get acquainted with Dallas with these 10 Quick Questions.


Three words that describe you:

Passionate / Driven / Sensitive

I am inspired by:

Thought-provoking art/music and watching others shine

I write best when:

I don't put pressure on myself

The song I wish I'd written is:

This answer would change daily, so today I’ll say, I Go Off by Diana Anaid

The last lyric I wrote was:

"held myself hostage"

Past or present - my dream collaborator is:

Again, I think this answer would change daily but I’ll go with: Sia 

Moment when I felt like I was on the right musical path:

When I first opened up an old guitar case at my Nana’s house when I was 5 years old - I can still remember the smell of that musty old case - and strummed the rusty strings for the first time, I think music chose me that day.

Music is a powerful tool because:

It can change your life within a second of hearing a song you connect with, it can motivate, bring happiness, help people grieve, make you forget about your bills, it unites people from all different backgrounds, makes people move their body in bizarre ways and has the power to heal the deepest of wounds. 

Copyright is meaningful to me because:

It enables me as the creator to make a living from my music with the help from our royalty collection societies as well as legally protecting my work.

I am an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because: 

I am honoured to be an ambassador for an organisation that fights the good fight on our behalf of us songwriters. There is definitely a great pathway if you want a career in the music industry. Of our incredible female songwriters in this country, only 22% of APRA AMCOS members are female. I don’t think this directly represents how many awesome women there are out there writing music…come on ladies, it takes only 5 minutes to join up. APRA AMCOS collects $ on your behalf!

I have been given so much working in the music industry and I don’t want emerging acts making the mistakes that I did. It’s time to give some back. x

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