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Monday, 23 Apr 2018

On its mission to raise funds for Support Act, EveryOneBand has become the biggest band ever with its 2,056 members as of 20 April. An incredible accomplishment for sure, but there is still work much work to be done before the single Stand By You is released 1 June 2018. 

Deadline to join the band and contribute your musical part is Monday 30 April at 11:59PM AEST. It is easy as 1, 2, 3 and there is no fee to join:

  1. First step: visit http://everyoneband.com/ and simply hit 'join' and you're on your way.
  2. Download backing tracks and anything else you need to record yourself singing or playing along
  3. Send in your file and it’ll be added to the final mix. Easy!

To get a bit more behind the scenes intel, EveryOneBand 'manager' and Support Act board member Mark Callaghan of GANGgajang answered 5 questions about how it all came together. It started with the song Stand By You that he wrote and has grown from there. All funds will be raised through music fans downloading or streaming the single and purchasing merch. 100% of royalties go to Support Act.

1. What was the impetus to creating EveryOneBand?

Mark: I’ve been on the board of Support Act for the past 4 years and know first-hand the growing need for our services and the fantastic work all the Support Act staff do. Of course, to keep this wonderful organisation going we need funds and I thought EveryOneBand would be a fun and novel way to achieve that. Musos are always the first to help out whenever there’s a ‘cause’ but as they say, ‘charity begins at home’ so this one is for us. For all of us to help out our mates in the music industry who are doing it tough. And you never know, the person you end up helping through buying an EveryOneBand single or t-shirt might just end up being you (or one of your mates)!

2. Who is in EveryOneBand?

Mark: Well, besides the definitive who’s who of Australian music (everyone from Cold Chisel to Kasey Chambers, from Megan Washington to Midnight Oil – check out the website to see the full list) our 2,000 plus members are an amazing bunch! There’s at least 229 Drummers and percussionists, 95 Bass players, 450 Vocalists, 120 Keyboard players, more than 400 Uke players, 60 string players and 50 Brass players. Not to mention the 3 triangle and two spoon players! Not everyone has listed their instrument as we wanted to make sign-up as easy as possible – so these are just some!!!

3. How did you approach writing a song for a cast of thousands?

Mark: It was a very specific challenge to write a meaningful yet accessible tune. It’s in the ‘peoples’ key of C, naturally and I went for a tempo that would allow us to include everything from rock drums to strings (a wonderful arrangement by Nigel Westlake) and from ukulele to Gospel choir. Lyrically, the title says it all Stand By You is what Support Act does and with everyone’s support, will continue to do.

4. What’s it like to manage a band of over 2,000 members?

Mark: Thankfully, they manage themselves (for the most part) and we don’t have to go on tour! And, hopefully, we can get some more members to join before the closing date of 30 April. If this debut single goes well, I really hope we can get the proverbial band back together for projects in the future. Fundraising for Support Act is an ongoing cause, and one I’d love to see EveryOneBand be able to help out beyond this one track. 

5. How do you mix and master thousands of recordings into one song?

Mark: Well this is the great unknown!! And a huge but very exciting challenge. Luckily we have master producer/engineer David Nicholas on board to hold the reins - it’s already the largest pro-tools session I’ve ever seen! We’ve been so fortunate to have the wonderful support of a number of great studios: Pony and Woodstock in Melbourne, Trackdown and 301 in Sydney. But with Paul Kelly, Megan Washington, Peter Garrett, Jimmy Barnes, Izzi Manfredi and Tommy O’Dell (just to mention a few) singing, choosing who sings what line will be tough. Come mix time it’s bound to be all hand on deck but I’m sure Dave will tame that beast. One thing I can tell you is that the track already sounds just incredible.

Join the band! Julia Zemiro (and this young chap) did. Musical submissions are due 30 April 11:59PM AEST, but you can join anytime by providing an email address and being on board to support the single and spread the word. Every band needs its super fans!

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