Record number of Aussies announced as winners in International Songwriting Competition

Friday, 20 Apr 2018

Waves by Dean Lewis, Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway was awarded first place (Performance) 

The International Songwriting Competition (ISC) has announced its 2017 winners, with a record number of Aussies receiving accolades across all categories.

Among those honoured in first place: Amy Shark, M-Phazes (Adult Album Alternative), Shane Nicholson (Americana), Fletcher Gull (Folk/Singer-Songwriter), Dean Lewis (Performance), Ruel (Pop/Top 40) and Strictly DT (R&B/Hip-Hop).

Birds of Tokyo, Wren, Missy Higgins and Dean Lewis scored second place honours, with Washington, Vera Blue and Gawurra receiving third place awards. Forty three Australian songwriters received Honourable Mentions in the 2017 competition.

“Australia always produces the most winners in ISC next to the USA, but this year they dominated the Pop/Top 40 and Performance categories. This bears witness to the incredible talent coming from a country with only 7% of the population of the USA. This is truly impressive” - Candace Avery, ISC Founder and Director. 

For the first time, the Grand Prize was taken out by an EDM track Crawl Outta Love Ft. Annika Wells from co-writers Nicholas Miller (better known as Illenium), Annika WellsKate Morgan, and Michael Biancaniello.

Congratulations to all members who entered and participated in the 2017 competition.

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Adore – Amy Billings (Amy Shark - pictured), M-Phazes 

Busted Lip - Shane Nicholson 

Don't Tell Me – Ruel van Dijk (Ruel), Peter Harding
Pop/Top 40

Light Up – Fletcher Gull  

Love Not Lust – D.T (Strictly DT) 

Waves – Dean Lewis, Nick Atkinson, Edd Holloway (Dean Lewis)


Brace – Ian Berney, Ian Kenny, Glenn Sarangapany, Adam Spark, Adam Weston (Birds Of Tokyo) 

Golden Age – ELKI 

Torchlight – Melissa Higgins 

Secrets – Jessica Graham (Wren) 
Music Video

Waves – Dean Lewis, Nick Atkinson, Edd Holloway (Dean Lewis) 
Pop/Top 40


Catherine Wheel – Megan Washington (Washington)

Lady Powers – Celia Pavey, Thomas Macken, Andy Mak, Adam Anders (Vera Blue)
Pop/Top 40

Wunybul (Vine Of Love) – Gawurra 
World Music

Honorable Mentions:

Abbot Kinney – Jake Bosci, Jean Paul Fung 
All I Know – Shane Nicholson
Bad For Me – Chris Lanzon, JP Fung, Demi Louise, Hannah Robinson (In Stereo)
Bad For Me – Chris Lanzon, JP Fung, Demi Louise, Hannah Robinson (In Stereo)
Beach Fires – Carus Thompson, Joel Quartermain 
Beach Fires – Carus Thompson, Joel Quartermain 
Bleed Sunlight – Shane Burgess, D-Lake 
Carry Me – Christopher Mustica (Lostsong Project) 
Driving Me Mad – Shane Nicholson
First Light – Dustin Tebbutt 
Fuck Everything – Kai Smythe (Hairy Soul Man) 
Good Enough – Chris Lanzon (In Stereo) 
Hard As Diamonds – Michael Delorenzis, Michael Paynter, Danielle Smarrelli (NUSSY) 
Light Up – Fletcher Gull 
Light Up – Fletcher Gull Only
Love Takes Time – Nick de la Hoyde, Joseph de la Hoyde 
Mind The Gap – Adam Carl Stephens (Shetdogs) 
Mun Mun – Nicola Wood (Cherry) 
Not Worth Hiding – Alexandra Lynn (Alex The Astronaut) 
Pretending – Kristy Coote, Clive Young 
Remedy – Alan Boyle, Chris Harvey (Blues Arcadia) 
Save This World – Violeta Bozanic
Scary People – Georgina Kingsley (Georgi Kay)
Skinny Roads – Emma Mullings, Nathan Eshman, Kylie Beach 
Slaughterhouse Blues – Gretta Ziller 
Slow Mover – Angie McMahon 
Some People – Matt Ellis 
Songs Of Summer – Helen Croome, Steve Parkin (Gossling) 
Stare – Rory Adams
The Battle Inside (Fight)  – Tyller Fischer
The Comedown – B J Donegal, N P Blom, A O Goodwin, L Galbraith, M Galbraith, T P O'Brien (Ocean Alley) 
The Signs – John Walsh 
The Way We Ride – Casey Barnes, Michael Paynter, Michael Delorenzis
True Lovers – Timothy Carroll, Oscar Dawson, Matt Redlich, Ryan Strathie (Holy Holy) 
Vaccine – Collegians 
Vaccine – Vince Leigh, James Leigh, Jerry Leigh, Glenn Patrick (Collegians) 
Vaccine – Collegians 
Waltz A La Bra – Veren Grigorov, Rob Shannon, Tom Wade, Calvin Welch (Arabesk) 
Wasted – James Saaib, Enya G Angel (JaySounds Ft. Enya Angel) 
Waves – Dean Lewis, Nick Atkinson, Edd Holloway
Worthy Ft. Brad Sabat – Emma Mullings, Terrence Mullings, Brad Sabat 
You And I – Ben Crawford, Zac Crawford (Crawford Brothers)

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