10 things that resonated at Indie-Con

Tuesday, 07 Aug 2018

Indie-Con FOMO? Yes, it's real. But our Writer Services Rep Rebecca Ware was there and diligently took notes at keynotes, panels and talks and turned them into a top 10 list of conference takeaways, inspiration and tips.

Independent Women - Managing Career Pathways (panel) - pictured above
Leanne de Souza - AAM
“I always tell everyone in the industry this piece of advice I once received: the hands you shake on the way up are the same on the way down. It’s always good to keep this in mind.”

Kirsty Rivers - Creative Victoria
“As a woman in the industry, you should celebrate your own ego. Women naturally make themselves smaller when they should be doing the opposite”.

Lisa Bishop - Music SA
"Share power, and give credit where it’s due. Raise up those around you who may not credit themselves."

Chris O'Neill - APRA AMCOS
"Talk less, and listen more and consult with others not only within the industry but outside as well to seek other perspectives."

Molly Neuman - Artist & Founding member of Riot Grrrl (in conversation)
“Be wise about running your business. Those small online streams can be a significant source of income over time.”

Local Repertoire in Global Streaming (panel)
"Spotify are looking into different ways of servicing the different music listeners."

Listener behaviour:
Passionate listeners: actively seek out new music and artists regularly and pay for their streaming service.
Lean back music listeners: those that just put on a playlist and don’t really engage with an artist, search music by genre or mood and generally use the free streaming options.

Charles Caldas - Merlin (keynote)
"Australian music success internationally has been growing year on year as shown by the annual increase in APRA international income. There has been a growing international market for Australian music – it’s never been better for Australian artists internationally than it is now."

Indie Artists & Publishers (panel)
Andy Mak - Artist
“The best thing about being published is that it opened up a network of people to collaborate with, both on a writing and producing level. It also opened up a lot of doors in terms of working across different genres that I wouldn’t have thought of.” 

Matt Tanner – Native Tongue Music Publishing
“Songwriting is like fitness – the more you practice the better you get. Things like songwriting camps help this, which a publisher can set up for you.”

Linda Bosidis - Mushroom Publishing
“Publishers try to match songwriters that will work together well. They’ll look within their own roster and also to other published writers and use their contacts to set up songwriting sessions”.

Stella Donnelly -  Artist
“Artists should trust their gut when it comes to figuring out who you’re going to work with. Whoever feels right will generally be the right pick for you.”

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