10 quick questions with Ambassador Ian Moss

Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Australian musical icon Ian Moss is our newest APRA AMCOS Ambassador. From his staggering success as guitarist in Cold Chisel to an ever-evolving, chart-topping solo career, the Alice Springs native continues to write, create and perform with passion. Ahead of the release of his self-titled seventh solo album, Mr. Moss shared some of his songwriting insight with us.

Here they are, 10 quick questions with the legend himself.

I write best when… 

I’m relaxed. Usually, the first few hours of the day are best for me.

My favourite place to write is: 

Away from home. One place I seem to write best is sitting outside of my favourite cafe with a few coffees on the go. 

The biggest risk as a songwriter I have taken is: 

With my new album I decided to have a hand in writing on every song on the album. I wouldn’t say it was a risk, but for me, it was indeed an accomplishment. The only song I didn't contribute as a writer to was the beautiful My Suffering which Steve Prestwich wrote. I've always wanted to have it on an album, and it just seemed right to add it, and I am very happy that I did.

The best songwriting advice I have received: 

Don't try to write to a particular style or force it. Just let what happens, happen.

The song that everyone should listen to right now is: 

Anything from my new album! My new single is If Another Day (Love Rewards Its Own) and the other track that is already available is Broadway

The key to a productive collaboration is:

Dropping all inhibitions and getting comfortable working with each other as quickly as possible. But as I said before it shouldn't be forced.

Music is a powerful tool because: 

I might sound like a hippie from way back, but I still think music can unite the human race. Who can possibly feel violence toward anyone or anything while listening to or playing a beautiful piece of music? 

The piece of gear I couldn't do without is:

My guitar. 

Copyright is important because: 

Songwriting can be hard work, so the need to have the songwriter's copyright protected is essential, so the songwriter is protected and rewarded for any work that succeeds.

I am an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because: 

As a songwriter, I’d like to support and promote other writers and give something back to an industry that has been very good to me over my career.   


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