Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018

This is big: for the first time ever the NSW Parliament is holding a Parliamentary Inquiry into the NSW music industry.

Musicians, venues, industry and creative practitioners in NSW have a unique opportunity to speak directly to the NSW Parliament about their issues and ideas for the development of the music and arts economy in the state.

The NSW Parliament wants your thoughts on policies that could support a diverse and vibrant music and arts culture across New South Wales, how to support venues better, as well as suggestions for red tape reduction and ideas for funding the sector.

This inquiry will also look at the progress of the Government’s committed actions to support the music sector from the Night-Time Economy Roundtables set up to respond to the lockouts.

Whilst submission sounds very formal, it’s just like sending an email - your voice is important, and we encourage you to put your considered thoughts in writing.

Get your submissions in here by 28 February 2018.

For more information read the Terms of reference.

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