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Friday, 23 Mar 2018

Music helps pass the time and increases patience, a great buffer for busy bistros and bars.

We know waiting is a fact of life, but when hunger comes into the equation, wait times to be seated, place an order and be served can seem stretched beyond reality. And then the 'keyboard warriors' come out on restaurant review sites and the whole experience, your décor, your staff, the food is marred by the initial perception of wait time.

Waiting brings frustration as a stress response, made worse when children are part of the dining party. US research on the hotel industry (1) by Magnini and Parker uncovered by APRA AMCOS clearly showed when background music is playing it helps switch patron’s emotional response to a more positive one – a strong mood-influencer. Subliminally music eases frustration and leads patrons to a more amicable attitude towards other facets of your hotel’s service. 

Music makes for positive social interactions

Many studies have concluded that background music also influences the way people interact with each other. Having music playing can increase conversation between guests and staff and even the extent of smiling and responding positively to an interaction. Music sets individuals in a more relaxed state which can be positive when dealing with unexpected discomfort from crowding or extended wait times.(2)

Music makes your hospitality staff more productive

Playing music has been proved to increase productivity. It helps reduce nervousness, sets a more relaxed state of mind, increases enthusiasm and minimises fatigue, helpful for the long shifts into the wee small hours. (3)

Music makes your hotel look more stylish 

The right use of music can help increase customer satisfaction and enjoyment of your hotel's atmosphere and space. Patrons will be more likely to love the décor at your venue if they love the music being played. US researchers Magnini and Thelen (2008) found even classical music wins over no music at all. When classical is playing the patrons perceived the restaurant as more decorative. Classical may not be your cup of tea, but whatever genre you patrons and staff are turned on to, music can act as a complementary element to your interior design and help you enhance the vibe you want to create. (4)

Good music helps you stand out from the pub down the road

Music can help you strengthen your vision and image. The better defined your brand is the stronger the connection will be with your customers. Higher emotional attachment means repeat business, staying longer and consuming more! (5)

APRA AMCOS has been around for more than 90 years and over that time our research team has been hard at work, collating information useful for Australian business about the commercial benefits of a good music strategy. We have amassed many free resources we’re happy to share, simply email our Communications team. If you want to start playing music in your venue you can make an anonymous enquiry about licensing requirements for your business on 1300 852 388.

(1) Article based on The psychological effect of music: Implications for hotel firms study conducted by Vicent P. Magnini and Emily E. Parker in June 2008. 

(2) Sommer, (1957); Dube, Cheat and Morin, (1995).  (3) Oldham et al., (1995); Terry, (1975). (4) Magnini and Thelen, (2008). (5) Biel (1993)

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