From guidance to gig: WA female mentoring program wraps with series of launch shows

Friday, 02 Nov 2018

I Call Val, photo by Cooper Gordon

The six-month female mentoring program for Western Australian songwriters is coming to an exciting end, and, clichés aside, it really is just the beginning for the participants who are about to kick off a series of launch performances in and around Perth this month.

Paige Savill (I Call Val) 
Launch event: Weds 14 November, Badlands Bar

Stevie-Leigh Lane (Stevie-Leigh)
Launch event: Thurs 15 November at Raffles Hotel 

Claudia Wade-Garcia / (Clauds) 
Launch event: Weds 28 November at The Bird

Georgina Cramond (Ribs)
Launch event: Thurs 29 November at The Bird

We highlighted the four mentees at the start of the mentorship, and since then they have been spending two days each week in the Cleaver Street & Co. work space under the guidance of Senior Writer Services Rep Tenille Elkins and an amazing cast of local industry who shared their wisdom and advice along the way. The focus for the participants was to work towards completing their first major creative project, with the mentors there to help with all the questions that come with that endeavour.

"Having support from Tenille behind all the little decisions I've had to make has just completely eradicated fear and doubt surrounding doing all the back end tasks I've never done before. Add in the plethora of artists, managers, publicists and other industry folk I've had the opportunity to bounce off of, and I feel much more confident about not only my current launch, but for any future releases, events and projects. I can't fully express just how integral this help has been in developing myself as an artist and brand, but it's an experience I will treasure always," says Paige Saville,who performs as I Call Val. 

Georgia Cramond, who performs as Ribs, echoes the sentiment, "With the infinite resources and experience of Tenille, our other mentors from the industry and the other three wonderful mentees, I gained the confidence to take practical steps and get things done whilst knowing I could call upon the support of the team if I got stuck. I definitely wouldn't have got through the stress of my first independent release without them." 

For mentoring to make an impact, it can work in a number of ways, says Tenille, "I strongly encourage anyone thinking about doing this to give it a go. It doesn’t need to be a six month program like this one as long as it’s realistic from the outset in terms of what will be achieved. I’d love to see these mentees go on to mentor the next crop coming through, already a couple of them have signed up to assist with the first Girls Rock! event to take place in Perth January 2019."

Tenille's 3 tips on making mentoring work:

  1. A strong commitment, with a very clearly understanding of what that commitment requires from both parties.
  2. A framework with reasonable and achievable goals that both parties agree on.
  3. As a mentor you must be willing to pass on your knowledge and where appropriate introduce your mentee to relevant contacts.

And a huge thanks for the music industry pros who were so generous with their time:

  • Alex Miller (Manager, Southern River Band)
  • Bob Gordon (Around the Sound, Scenestr)
  • Bruna Chiovitti (Festivals Officer – Creative Producer)
  • Dixie Battersby (DB Publicity)
  • Hayley-Jane Ayers (360 Logistics)
  • Luke Rinaldi (Sweetmate Music)
  • Matt Johnson (Walking Horse)
  • Pete Guazzelli (Department local government, sport & cultural industries)
  • Riley Pearce
  • Rachel Davison (Manager, Mosquito Coast)
  • Rob Nassif (Gyroscope, Manager – The Faim)
  • Tanaya Harper
  • Tony Andrews (RazorBlade Music)
  • Will Backler (RTRfm)

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