Briggs, Alex the Astronaut and more join Support Act and Levi's for Tune Ups

Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018

Mindfulness tips for musos and more

Our good friends from Support Act and Levi’s® have announced the launch of a powerful new video series, Tune Ups: Mindfulness tips for musos and more. Aimed at tackling the alarming statistics around mental health in the music industry, the six part series will provide support and raise awareness of the new Wellbeing Helpline for artists and music workers in need of help.

Featuring rapper Briggs, DZ Deathrays manager Maggie Collins, the Amity Affliction’s Joel Birch, Select Music’s Stephen Wade, Alex the Astronaut and stage manager Cam Batten, Tune Ups highlights singer/songwriters, stage managers and agency heads who already practise ways to look after their mental health and wellbeing. From heading off the beaten track to appreciating native flora, to turning the kitchen into a comfort food factory.

“Everything with music is so unplanned and that seems overwhelming at times, because you don’t have a structured 9-5 schedule,” says Alex the Astronaut. “I get frazzled, panicking that I’m going to miss a flight or a set time…but I’ve found that doing half an hour in the gym can really change your day, even if you don’t do a lot.”

“A few years ago if you had a problem you would sort it out yourself,” Cam Batten added. “I’m stoked that you don’t do that now. Men can actually sit down now and go, you know what? I’ve got a problem. That’s good.”

The six Tune Ups videos will be featured on Vice Music channel Noisey, and other social media platforms, and can be accessed via the Support Act Home Page –

“We are very grateful to Nicky Rowsell and Levi’s for being the driving force behind the campaign,” said Clive Miller, CEO Support Act. “Tune Ups highlights how important it is for all of us to be aware of our mental health, and provides some great examples of how people in our industry manage their wellbeing. We hope it inspires anyone who maybe doing it tough to know that they are not alone, and that they can reach out to our free, confidential Wellbeing Helpline at any time if they want to talk to someone about any aspect of their wellbeing.”

Levi’s partnered with Support Act and Alberts (through the Tony Foundation) in late 2017, to support the establishment of the Wellbeing Helpline as a critical first step to help Australian artists with their mental health.

“The creation of the ‘Tune Ups’ campaign came from a place of wanting to raise awareness and break down the stigma around mental health. It is such an important health issue that we face as a society generally speaking; but the statistics are substantially higher within the music and creative community and so we felt a social responsibility to further give back to create this content piece. “We are really happy with the results and would like to thank our six artists and music industry workers for their honesty and participation. I truly hope that this can make a difference ” said Nicky Rowsell, Levi’s® Marketing Manager / Australia & New Zealand.

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