Performance Reports update: submit your Parlour Gigs setlists

Monday, 04 Feb 2019

Have you been playing heaps of gigs lately? Hurrah! Are you keeping up with submitting Performance Reports as you go, so as to avoid a rush to the annual 31 July deadline? Maybe? Kind of?

Well, let this serve as a friendly, just-past-the-midway-point-of-the-financial-year reminder to make sure you are dutifully saving setlists and have a calendar of the gigs you played, if not reporting them as you go. As always, the required info for Performance Reports:

  • Performance date
  • Venue name and address
  • Works played

And, in very exciting news, if you are playing shows under the Parlour Gigs banner, these gigs are now eligible to be submitted for Performance Reports for any performance played from 1 January 2019 onwards. As the rise of the house concert circuit continues, we are excited to be working with Parlour Gigs to support songwriters playing live.

Further reading: 

Performance Reports FAQs
Guide to submitting a Performance Report

Any other Qs? Contact Writer Services at, call 1800 642 634, or hop on the Live Chat during regular business hours.

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