Q & A with Tushar Apte, the newest APRA AMCOS Ambassador

Monday, 04 Feb 2019

In-demand Aussie-in-LA producer and songwriter Tushar Apte is one of those quiet achievers, working hard behind the scenes to make incredible things happen. He collaborated on the recent ZAYN faturing Nicki Minaj release No Candle No Light, as well as the Demi Lovato chart-topper SoberHe has scored and produced music for film and TV, and worked with pop royalty from China and Indonesia as well.

Originally from Newcastle, Tushar had been toiling away on the LA music scene for a few years when he decided it was time for a re-think and head back to Australia. But a fateful selection into a SongHubs affiliated songwriting camp in Toronto led him to working alongside some serious big hitters and an eventual credit on the Chris Brown hit Zero.

Tushar participated in last year's SongHubs The Tower in Sydney and chatted with us there about his SongHubs experiences.

We are excited to announce him as 2019's first APRA AMCOS Ambassador. Get to know him a bit better with this quick Q & A.

My writing and producing style is…

Constantly evolving (for the better I hope!).

A song everyone should listen to right now is:

Travis Scott - Stop Trying To Be God

A big musical influence on me was…

Everything 90s.

How do you explain what a producer does to someone from outside of the music industry?

Producers are responsible for overseeing and delivering a songs' vision. Part of that is obviously the creative and technical skillset (track work, recording etc) but often in co-writing situations or with artists, it's getting the right vibe and energy in the room so you get the best of everyone.

What is one thing you wish someone had told you before you moved to LA to be a producer and songwriter?

I don't regret any of the things I was blissfully ignorant about when moving here - It was all part of the journey! Just show up and be good and let the rest happen!
*Editor's note: we encourage you to let your friendly Writer Services Rep know about your plans to head to LA, and drop a line to Lani Richmond, APRA AMCOS LA Rep, who can help members with access to work space and writing/recording rooms. There's a Facebook group too!

What is the biggest challenge facing pop music songwriters and producers in 2019?

Creatively: Consistency. Trying not to play too much into 'trends' especially in the streaming era when everything moves so much faster.

Businessly (making that a word now!): Getting fairly compensated for creating copyrights / songs that still mostly pay disproportionately to parties that aren't involved in any music creation (platforms/labels).            

Copyright is meaningful to me because…

It's the only thing that makes us lucky enough to call this a 'job'.

I am an APRA AMCOS Ambassador because…

In my humble opinion no PRO does the 'on the ground' member services better than APRA AMCOS. SongHubs is probably the best example of this, but there are plenty of ways APRA pushes to get members in the best situations for their careers.

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