Good beer and good music… The ultimate collaboration.

Thursday, 21 Mar 2019

Clever businesses use musical inspiration ‘beyond the speakers’.

A series of beers recently launched by clever music-loving Central Coast Six String Bass Brewery are inspired by four ionic bass players; with music inspiring the flavour.

The company name came simply from Brewer Chris Benson’s six string bass. The brewery took a number of years to get up and running, waiting around for licences and approvals… so a lot of hours were spent playing music. Says Chris, “Six String Brewery was founded on a love of good beer and good music. We started six years ago before the big influx of craft breweries and proud to have brought craft beer to the Central Coast.”

The bass player series

The Bass player series was inspired on 4 of Chris’ favourite bass icons: Heath Crawley, Joe Hansen, Peter Clarke and Scott Owen. One day he asked them - if they were a beer what would they be?

Says Chris, “Each of the guys had input, Heath and Pete being local came into brew, Joe and Scott were touring but still got involved in the flavours and look. Each one, I think, reflects their personality. So far feedback has been great and we’re lining up a few for later in the year. We’re looking forward to having a female bass player”.

Creating a unique brand identity is second nature to the business owners, who look to what they love to inspire.

“Build on what you know and you love. You need to be able to adapt along the way while staying true to the original inspiration.”

The idea is more than an a-ha moment, it‘s hard yakka. Chris says if the Brewery were a band they’d one who just keeps on bringing out good songs, keeps touring and putting in the hard work… He counts rock legends, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam and supergroup Audioslave as his go-to motivators.


The connection to music icons is no marketing ply. Once a year the brewery pull together a band to play in the Battle of the Brewery bands at Sydney Craft Beer week. “All in a bit of fun but is amazing how many brewers and bar staff, even sales reps have hidden talents” says Chris. The Brewery also supports live music everywhere they can from Blues to Jazz and Rock festivals, even dance festivals.

Six String Brewery is licenced by APRA AMCOS to play background music at their premises.

APRA AMCOS has hundreds of tips and examples on how to add value to your business using music, simply email our Communications team or contact if you’d like to discuss your music licensing needs.

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