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What is SongHubs?

SongHubs is an APRA AMCOS initiative supported by the Federal Government, state governments and sponsors.

SongHubs partners emerging and established APRA AMCOS songwriters with renowned international songwriters and producers, creating new works for local and international markets. The potential for Australian songwriters is considerable, with SongHubs planned in both domestic and key international locations and territories around the world. 

SongHubs functions as an intensive, commercially focused songwriting residency, providing unique collaborative opportunities for both published and unpublished songwriters and composers, irrespective of genre. 

The program's aims are:

  • To establish Australia as a centre of music creating excellence;
  • To provide career pathways for high calibre Australian songwriters and composers; and
  • To maximise the potential of international collaborations in accessing new markets for Australian songwriters and composers.
“I put my guys in sessions week in week out, and as with any they can be hit and miss. But there's a special bond and unity that arises from a camp like Songhubs where, if you get the mix of personalities, skills and recording artists right, you end up with some great results.”
- Andrew Jackson (Milton Archer - Hook N Sling / The Aston Shuffle)

Songwriter/Composer Criteria

Songwriters and composers eligible for consideration will have demonstrated:

  • Commercial success within the past 2 years
  • Keenness to collaborate with other established and high profile international songwriters and producers
  • Funded recordings scheduled for release within the 12 months preceding the SongHub
  • Genre suitability for the specific SongHubs and intended international market
  • Writing or producing for an international artist release (if the writer is not a performing artist)

Note: Applicants can only be selected for one fully-funded position per 18 month period and one resident position per 18 months. Applicants may apply for resident positions if they are not from the local area that SongHubs is held, but must make their own travel arrangements to attend. 

Songwriters who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying for future SongHubs events can register by emailing: 

SongHubs: The Stables, Victoria 2016

Previous SongHubs

2013    2014  2015 2016 2017 2018
 Redfern, Sydney (August) Kings Cross, London UK (January) Los Angeles, USA (February) Stockholm, Sweden (February) Stockholm Songwriting Camp, Stockholm, Sweden (January) SXSW, Austin, USA (March)  
 Mumbai, India (November) Notting Hill, London UK (April) CMW Toronto, Canada (May) Auckland, New Zealand (February) Auckland, New Zealand (February)  
 50 Songs in 5 Days (December)  Tileyard, London UK (May) Tileyard, London UK (May) Sydney, Australia (April) Sydney, Australia (March)  
  Stockholm, Sweden (May) Bali (May/June) Bali, Ubud (April) SXSW, Austin, USA (March)  
  Bali (July) Sydney, AUS (June) Berlin, Germany (April) The Tower, Sydney, NSW (April)  
  Nashville, USA (September)  Los Angeles Electronic, USA (August) Capitol Studios/ASCAP Los Angeles, USA (May)   Melbourne, AUS, (August)  
  Adelaide, AUS (September)  Perth, AUS (October) Nashville, USA (June)   BIGSOUND|QUT, Brisbane, AUS (September)   
  Mumbia, India (November) Black Rock Songwriting Camp,
Santorini (October)
AMPlify Trance Melbourne, Australia (Jan-June) Music Matters, Singapore

Merge Songwriting Camp,
Toronto (October)

50 Songs in 5 Days (November)  The Stables, Victoria Australia (July)  Reeperbahn, Berlin, Germany (September)  
  50 Songs in 5 Days (December)   BIGSOUND|QUT, Brisbane, AUS (September)     
      EMC, Sydney, AUS (October)    
      50 Songs in 5 Days, Sydney, AUS (December)    

“SongHubs has been a major factor in the development of Georgi's writing style. The opportunity to write with a range of songwriters has been invaluable.”
-Stephen King (Forthcoming - Georgi Kay Management)

SAFIA - Over You

Written at SongHubs London, 2015 with Tom Fuller (UK)

Guy Sebastian - High On me
Written at SongHubs Bali Songwriting Invitational, 2016 with Louis Schoorl and Fiona Bevan (UK) 

Ricki-Lee - Not Too Late
Written at SongHubs The Tower, Sydney, 2017 with Steve Solomon (US) and Neil Ormandy (UK)

Caitlyn Shadbolt - Bad
Written at SongHubs Nashville, 2016 with Emily Shackleton (USA) and Danielle Blakey

Client Liaison – Off White Limousine 

Blaq Carrie - Sendereka 

JP Cooper – September Song 

Ecca Vandal - Future Heroine 

“The biggest part for us was getting her in the room with other writers, producers and artists from all over the world and getting her name and work out there through different avenues.”
-Stephen McGuire (Young & Vicious - Nat Dunn Management)

Javeon (UK) & Nicky Night Time (SongHubs LA Electronic, August 2015)

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