Song: Seventeen
Entrant: Abbe May

Song: Birds Don't Sing In Nashville
Entrant: Alesa Lajana

Song: Tell Me
Entrant: All Our Exes Live in Texas

Song: As Before
Entrant: Anders

Song: Is That Too Much To Ask
Entrant: Andrew Cavanagh

Song: Chest
Entrant: Aurelia

Song: Brother Coda (Electric)
Entrant: Auto

Song: Skid Row
Entrant: Ben Drysdale

Song: Rise
Entrant: Birdz feat. Jimblah

Song: Dire Love
Entrant: BRUVVY

Song: Pressure in an Empty Space
Entrant: Buchanan

Song: West LA
Entrant: Charlz

Song: Setting Out
Entrant: Citizen Of The World

Song: Your Fix
Entrant: City Calm Down

Song: Dire Consequences
Entrant: Clea

Song: World Of Our Love
Entrant: Client Liaison

Song: A Foreign Affair
Entrant: Client Liaison

Song: Learning To Fly
Entrant: Deep Sea Arcade

Song: Cold
Entrant: Drax Project

Song: First Light
Entrant: Dustin Tebbutt

Song: Soho
Entrant: Elki

Song: Underflow
Entrant: Emma Louise

Song: West End Kids
Entrant: Emma Louise

Song: Rancid
Entrant: Faint Capsule

Song: I Want
Entrant: Finlay Tate

Song: Signals
Entrant: Fragile Animals

Song: October
Entrant: Frank Society

Song: Tell Me That I'm Wrong
Entrant: Future Jr.

Song: The Hallway of My Heart
Entrant: Generations: Mike & Aleksi Glick

Song: Gemini
Entrant: What So Not ft. George Maple

Song: Slave to Nothing
Entrant: Georgia Fair

Song: Transparency
Entrant: Good Boy

Song: Can We Work It Out
Entrant: Gordi

Song: Nothing's As It Seems
Entrant: Gordi

Song: Drive
Entrant: Gretta Ray

Song: Inside Your Mind
Entrant: Gypsy & The Cat

Song: Love's Gone
Entrant: Haarlo

Song: Half Past Ten
Entrant: Hannah Robinson

Song: Darwinism
Entrant: Holy Holy

Song: Meet In The Sky
Entrant: J Motor

Song: Forces
Entrant: Japanese Wallpaper feat. Airling

Song: Claim My Love
Entrant: Jarryd James

Song: America, Won't You Make My Dreams Come True?
Entrant: Jordie Lane & The Sleepers feat. Lollies

Song: Be Your Boy
Entrant: Josh Pyke

Song: Heavy As A Heartbreak
Entrant: Just A Gent feat. Lanks

Song: When I'm Broken
Entrant: Katrina Burgoyne

Song: Tryin' To Get To Georgia
Entrant: Katrina Burgoyne

Song: Lonely Cities
Entrant: Tigertown

Song: Hypocrite
Entrant: King Social

Song: It Goes Around
Entrant: King Social

Song: Take Me Back
Entrant: Kirsty Lee Akers

Song: 1 In 100,000
Entrant: L-FRESH The LION

Song: Coast to Coast
Entrant: Lavers

Song: Up In The Air
Entrant: Lisa Crawley

Song: Prisoner in My Own Town
Entrant: Lizzie Flynn

Song: Secrets in our Sleeves
Entrant: Lost Woods

Song: No More
Entrant: Louis Schoorl

Song: All This Time
Entrant: Louis Schoorl

Song: Tease
Entrant: Lucy Neville

Song: Hold Me Down
Entrant: M. Phazes feat. Thief

Song: Man Overboard
Entrant: Maddy Rodriguez

Song: Survive On Love
Entrant: Matt Gresham

Song: Dreams - Could Take You Somewhere
Entrant: Michael Walker

Song: Edge Of Town
Entrant: Middle Kids

Song: Good Girls
Entrant: Mild Things

Song: Why Don't You Stay
Entrant: Morgan Bain

Song: House On A Rock
Entrant: NGAIIRE

Song: Doctor Doctor
Entrant: Oh Pep!

Song: The Race
Entrant: Oh Pep!

Song: The Highs
Entrant: Panama

Song: Zips, Netflix & Dinner For Six
Entrant: Rachel Maria Cox

Song: Wrap Me In A Fever
Entrant: Ruby Boots

Song: Golden Years
Entrant: Ruel

Song: Me And You ~ #BLM
Entrant: Ruva Ngwenya

Song: The Game
Entrant: Sammi Constantine

Song: Blue Boss
Entrant: Sampa The Great

Song: Fox Amongst Bears
Entrant: Shake Your Blood

Song: Sorry
Entrant: Sheppard

Song: Call On Me
Entrant: Starley

Song: When I Die
Entrant: Taasha Coates/The Audreys

Song: Notion
Entrant: Tash Sultana

Song: I'll See Her Again
Entrant: Jordi White

Song: It's Our Time
Entrant: The Brown Wunda

Song: Impact
Entrant: The Creases

Song: Burnout
Entrant: The Lulu Raes

Song: Revelator Eyes
Entrant: The Paper Kites

Song: 4 Seats From Beyoncé
Entrant: Tia P.

Song: Ordinary Lives
Entrant: Tinpan Orange

Song: Daughter Of The Light
Entrant: Urthboy

Song: Hallway
Entrant: Why We Run

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