First Place winner will receive the following prize:

  • AUD $50,000 cash courtesy of Alberts Music, BMG and APRA AMCOS
  • AUD $5,000 travel voucher

Second Place winner will receive the following prize:

  • AUD $10,000 cash courtesy of AMPAL (Australasian Music Publishers Association)

Third Place winner will receive the following prize:

  • AUD $5,000 cash courtesy of Seventh Street Media

'Unpublished' winner will receive the following prize:

  • AUD $5,000 cash

Founded in 1885, Alberts is an independent Australian company which has been managed by the Albert family for five generations. Its history has intertwined with the evolution of Australia’s media and popular culture from its early days of sheet music and music publishing through to commercial radio and television and helping establish and develop Australia’s music industry.

Alberts has been a longstanding supporter of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia through its mission to transform lives through the provision of music therapy.  Alberts collaborated with APRA AMCOS in 2009 to establish the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition, named after the iconic songwriters Harry Vanda and the late George Young, to support and raise the profile of the non-profit organisation, Nordoff-Robbins Australia, and the work it does to change the lives of many.

BMG is a new kind of media company. Our mission is clear; to help artists and songwriters make the very most of their songs and recordings in the digital age. BMG. The New Music Company.

AMPAL The Australasian Music Publishers Association Limited (AMPAL) works on behalf of its members to promote a better understanding of the value of music, both culturally and economically. AMPAL has more than 50 music publisher members in Australia and New Zealand who invest in songwriters across all genres of music. They nurture talent, promote the works of their writers and find avenues for their work to be heard. They are a vital part of an industry that contributes to the cultural and economic future of Australia and New Zealand.  AMPAL members represent over 90% of the economic value of the music publishing sector.

Seventh Street Media
Seventh Street Media is Australia’s largest music publisher overseeing brands and platforms that are a catalyst for conversation and a vehicle to capture the hearts and minds of music fans. Its titles include The Industry Observer, Tone Deaf, The Brag, Don't Bore Us and J

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