You don't have to go through APRA AMCOS to legally play music - you can deal directly with the songwriters or publishers who own the rights.

Usually it's easier to go through us because we can grant you a blanket licence to perform or play all the songs we control.  But sometimes it can be easier to deal direct - for example:

  • if you want to use a particular song as music on hold or on your website
  • if you have booked a band for your place and it will play only its own material (no covers)
  • if you organise an event where only a few works will be performed and the songwriters have a connection with the event (for example, a charity concert)

If you want to deal directly with one of our members, you can ask them to contact us to discuss our Licence Back or Opt Out schemes. These are explained here.

For a simple explanation on dealing directly with copyright owners download our information guide.

information guide

If you deal directly, you may qualify for a reduction in your blanket licence fees. Contact your Licensing Representative to discuss this.

Obtaining an Opt Out or Licence Back is simple, but members applying for them must make sure that all parties with an interest in the song (any other writers or publishers) agree to the arrangement.   


If your organisation wishes to publicly perform Bruce Rowland’s works in Australia in any context whatsoever (other than by showing films) you will need to seek the appropriate clearances directly from Mr Rowland’s representatives (as of 1 January 2017).


For a full list of Mr Rowland's works, click here.

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