Renowned A&R mogul and artist manager Michael Parisi has launched a new bespoke artist consultancy service; The Right Path. 

The Right Path has been established to help guide singers, songwriters and bands by providing feedback and critiques on their material, as well as helping them make key connections within the industry. 

The new agency will take an approach described by Parisi as “…tough but fair, direct but constructive and most importantly, realistic…” 

The Right Path will offer two pathway options for artists; 

  • Demo A&R/Feedback – open to all artists, where Parisi will listen to artist demos compile his expert A&R feedback, then hold a personal consultation via zoom or conference call where he will make specific recommendations and offer valuable industry contacts where appropriate.
  • The Right Path Program – a more intensive pathway by invitation only, where Parisi will personally contact the artist if he feels are sufficiently developed and there can be a mutual benefit for both parties. 

All participants can also opt in for a 12-lesson online course in the Business Of Music. 

This course will be delivered by Andrew Watt, leading music industry lawyer and educator of Ravens Nest Consulting. It is designed to help young artists and bands speak the language of the business side of music. 

The Right Path is offering APRA members a 20% discount on services until December 15, 2020. To claim discount please book at using your APRA member number.

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