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I Heart Songwriting Club

Do you suffer from writer’s block? Do you struggle to find time to write songs in your busy schedule? Do want to be a better songwriter?

I Heart Songwriting Club is a totally online songwriting club for all songwriters. Yes, this club is about writing songs, it’s about getting unstuck, it’s about becoming creatively free, but it’s even more than that. This is a global community of songwriters supporting each other to keep creating, to share music and to be totally creatively satisfied. And the result of all this is amazing songs that can change your life. Don’t believe us?

“I LOVE I HEART SONGWRITING CLUB! It shook me out of my writing block and taught me new ways to write. I have it to thank for most of my songs on my latest album (that was nominated for a 2018 ARIA Award!).” - Mama Kin of Mama Kin Spender

Imagine how it would feel to be writing songs every week, sharing them with peers, getting feedback and being a part of something bigger. Don’t do this alone. Do this with us

Join I Heart Songwriting Club now and receive 30% off your first 10 week term for all APRA AMCOS members.
*Applies to your first 10-week term of a Peer Program

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Songwriting Course for Kids

Enrolments are open for I Heart Songwriting Club’s 10-Week Songwriting Course For Kids.

Picture your kids coming home from school, running into their room and one hour later emerging with a new song. And whilst they're at school the next day, their songwriting mentor is giving them personal feedback on their song.

That’s what I Heart Songwriting Club makes possible through this online unique course.

Write 10 songs over 10 weeks with video lessons and feedback from songwriting experts. This course is designed to build songwriting skills, get songwriting practice and have fun! Term start dates are regular throughout the year and no experience is necessary.

"I now know how easy it can be to just write music" - Alex (14 years)

“This course is really amazing. Highly recommended.” - Parent Feedback 

Enrol in I Heart Songwriting Club’s Songwriting Course for Kids and receive 20% off for all APRA AMCOS members and their families. That’s a huge $100 savings!

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Berklee Online

Advance your career with Berklee Online, the award-winning online extension school of Berklee College of Music. Berklee Online has the world's largest collection of forward-thinking online music courses, multi-course certificate programs, and degree programs, covering all areas of music business, songwriting, music production, performance, orchestration, and beyond. 

Study Berklee's curriculum, written and taught by Berklee's renowned faculty and industry professionals, in a collaborative online community of like-minded musicians. All our courses are instructor led, with weekly chats and personalized feedback directly from your instructor. 

Join Berklee Online today, and take your music career to the next level. 

APRA music creators and customers receive an exclusive 10% discount off all Berklee Online courses and certificate programs. Click here to sign up.  

New Berklee Online Musician's Guide

Download the New Berklee Online Musician's Guide for Free

Learn Berklee's 360 approach to music with this free handbook covering music theory, guitar, songwriting, music production, music business, and beyond. This extensive PDF contains tools to help you develop as a modern musician, with lessons taken from Berklee’s 12-week online courses. Click here to download.

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School of Synthesis

Learn Music Production at School of Synthesis and save 10%

Compose and create your own music, produce and remix others or simply explore the creative possibilities of Modern Music Production using Digital Audio Workstations such as Logic Pro and two levels of study in Ableton Live or take your music to the next level by studying Music Theory, Sound Design and Mixing and Mastering ‘in the box’ using powerful software taught by industry professionals.

Whether you’re a composer, DJ, garage musician or aspiring producer, School of Synthesis courses are designed to get you working smarter and deliver results. We’ll challenge you to get more out of your tools and achieve a faster workflow with professional sounding outcomes. APRA AMCOS music creators and customers receive an exclusive 10% off all School of Synthesis courses. Simply email with your full name and 6-digit APRA number and we’ll create a coupon code for you to claim 10% discount on any School of Synthesis course.

More on School of Synthesis and our courses here:

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